IL-2 1946



Flak takes its toll

Was climbing to fly on “Deacon’s” wing when a direct flak hit obliterated his plane.



is that Django Reinhardt I hear?


Is that Deacon of the Christmas Flight on SimHQ?


Benny Goodman, I think.

Sorry I keep forgetting there are multiple variations of that username. It is not Deacon211.
It was 352ndDeacon the CO of the online squad I fly with weekly. He always seems to get shot down by flak even when no one else gets a scratch.



Awwww dang is dat sum '46?

Been flying the Buffalos a lot.

Coop videos from when we played it more than weekly. We call ourselves “Funky Squadron” since, at the start we developed an affinity for the Funky skins that come default in the game.


I didn’t limit myself to just the skins that shipped with the sim. icon_mrgreen




I’ve got too many skins downloaded. I’m not too big on modding it, either.

After all, I have only done this once before


Modding 1946 can be fairly painless if you stick to one of the mod packs. It’s when you start trying to add every single mod that shows up that you have problems galore. You can also have multiple versions of the sim on your hard drive.



Easiest to use a mod manager, there’s several out there. I recently tried one out and it works pretty good.


if only they’d mod in VR support lol.


Ain’t it the truth. I do not know how people modded prior to JSGME.


I just made duplicate installations, didn’t take up a whole lot of space.


While my room tells a different tale, my computer is very organized so that’d drive me nuts. I don’t know why, it just would.



Also, just your room?
Bruh, my entire house screams “bachelor 4 lyfe”! :laughing:


Hell yes


A few from my screenshots folder.
If you read the server text you will get a sense of my prowess against the AI. :wink:

One of the “High Gore” mode perks is the funny text balloons.

Watching a pair of Me-262’s takeoff.

Can’t tell but the contrails are two Me-262’s. With an altitude advantage!! :hushed:

Night landing. I actually nailed it with just a minor bounce…

Paratroopers taking over an airfield.
The paratrooper with the “Batman” face in the forefront is me after I had bailed out of my aircraft.

Dusk flight in an Me-262.

Same as previous.

Attempting an off field landing.
Pranging the prop is an almost certainty but when you get it right it feels great.
(Tail gunner view from my aircraft.)



One of those funny landing pattern glitches in IL-2 1946.

For some reason they never have got that problem figured out and fixed. Invariably when there are several flights in the landing pattern some of the aircraft are flying so close that they are bound to eventually hit one another.



Allies meeting for the first time.

Had the Treaty of Versailles not taken away all of Germany’s colonies after WW1 this meeting of Allies might not have been as far fetched.