IL-2 Great Battles Updates 2019

OMG! Where is my brain? Flying Circus!!! Flaming Cliffs is so 2004


Looking forward to the Albatros finally hitting the game - I got really, REALLY good with the gunnery in that one.


Bought flying circus. Now downloading via an installer


I’ve been having a good time in the Jug lately, flying Jaegermeister’s scripted campaign, which is a rewrite of one from IL2 '46, Achtung Jabos! Warning, the first two missions will challenge your instrument flying and navigation skills. Suggest that you not be learning the Jug while trying to stay tight on your lead in the soup like I did! Hairy stuff.

This video helped getting up to speed quickly with the P47D-28.


Love that video. Good stuff!

I’ve been spending most of my time recently in the 110. It’s got a (mostly well deserved) bad reputation as a fighter, but it makes up for it in the attack role. It’s no IL-2, but it’s just fighter enough to put up a decent fight when things go south. And, you gotta love the German “quality of life” cockpits! They’re straight up luxurious compared to they’re eastern contemporaries.

I do very well in the 110, better than I usually do in the Il-2. I think I do better in the Pe-2 than the Il-2 actually.

I too have been enjoying the 110 as a ground pounder and shooting down bombers. I started mixing my fights with some of the WW1 birds which prompted my purchase of flying circus which I am just about to try for the first time. I loved ROF but the lack of vr support sucked

In the words of General Adolf Galland, “unescorted bombers”.

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Hello everyone!

In these sunny April days, we are working on the next big update, which we hope will be released in May. Previously we can say that this update will again be very voluminous in terms of the amount of content being released. A little bit later we will be able to say exactly what will be in this update, but we are aiming to launch a new noteworthy aircraft of the “Battle of Bodenplatte” project, two WWI airplanes in the “Flying Circus” project and two new tanks in the “Tank Crew” project. We also continue to work on evolution of the aviation part of the project and on deepening the gameplay of the tank part. A little later in the developer’s diaries we are planning to tell in detail about a new big “feature” of the multiplayer game - the “Battlefield Marshal” mode, the development of which is almost completed and will soon move to the testing and debugging phase. In the tank project, we are working on the functions of the tank commander, which will allow you to control both your crew and subordinate units. Also in the next update, we plan to significantly expand the model of damage to the systems and parts of the tank.

Today we want to show you a couple of the first in-game cockpit shots of our new “Swallow” - the Me 262 A “Schwalbe” fighter-bomber. Honestly - it turned out to be an incredibly interesting aircraft:

Today we also will dedicate a couple of screenshots to the almost completed crew of the M4A2 “Sherman” tank. Since the tank has an extremely wide range of possible positions for firing and driving by various crew members - this work was not easy, but the result is interesting too:

And another screenshot shows a new particle-based effects technology inside the cockpits in the first-person view. In the first stage, we will introduce this system for tanks (the effect of a fire starting from spilled fuel, the effect of extinguishing this fire, smoke when the engine is damaged, powder gasses when firing from a cannon and a machine gun). In the medium term, we also plan to use this technology for airplanes:

And many of your have inquired and commented about the Arras map for Flying Circus. It is underway by our partner Yugra Media. So far, everything regarding this map is on schedule, but work is still early and we don’t have any WIP shots for you to see yet. We are doing our best to help Yugra make a quality map for you.

Dev blog #220 / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles


Here’s that link to the original post in the II2 forum that @Phantom88 is referring to.


Thank You…Using an Old iPad that has become combative and user…Unfriendly!! :slight_smile:


I am so loving flying circus. I don’t think I have started dcs since I got it last week :flushed: I suppose my age flying is like driving the car. More comfortable going 50-60 instead of 70 to 80. The flight models are straight out of ROF but they work well. I know its sedate compared to our gen 4 jets but ruthless and cold blooded. Up close aiming for the pilot and engine block :confused:


Those fire shots are kind of terrifying. Being in a tank on fire is a nightmare :scream:

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My thoughts exactly.

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@Cib I totally feel you. I have abandoned my DCS for a week. I opted instead for “Paint dries faster” Camel and DrVII rides. I am in Vr and it rocks.
Today I was in a Dolphin for the first time Ever. I set a DRVII on fire. I was a couple of meters behind me and the heat blur and smoke enveloped me as well as him. It felt brutal but realistic as heck.

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@Troll what do you think about changing the thread title to IL-2 Greatest Battles Updates or something similar?

3.012b small update released.


As the development continues, we have new stuff to show you today. Let’s begin with the Flying Circus project - together with our partners, we’re finishing the next two planes: British S.E.5a made by Royal Aircraft Factory made and German Albatros D.Va made by Albatros Flugzeugwerke.

S.E.5a combined all the main combat characteristics needed for a victory - speed, firepower and maneuverability. Its 8-cylinder 200 HP V8 Wolseley Viper engine enabled it to go up to 218 kph at the ground level. Its armament of two different machineguns was somewhat original - one forward firing 7.69 mm Vickers and one 7.69 mm magazine fed Lewis installed on a mount that made firing at the targets forward and above possible:



Albatros D.Va was a symbol of the first half of WWI and its streamlined profile is easily identifiable. Powered by 6-cylinder 180 HP Mercedes D.IIIa engine and armed with two synchronized 7.92 mm Spandau LMGs 08/15, it had a completely rigid fuselage made of glued wood, which is now much easier to visualize in the sim thanks to the increased quality and complexity of 3D models:



For Tank Crew project we’re developing the interiors of the next two tanks together with our partners: PzKpfw. IV Ausf. G and T-34 made by UVZ factory at the beginning of 1943. In addition to these new tanks, the next big update will bring numerous additions to the tank system functionality and damage modeling. Today we can show you the renders of the new T-34 interior made by Uralvagonzavod.




And finally, the news about our biggest project, Bodenplatte. At the moment, all buildings models for it are completed, including the unique historical ones, and most of them already have modeled damage. The work on the new AI-controlled ground vehicles required for this project has started. Of course, the development of the remaining aircraft is progressing at full speed. Today we can show you a couple of screenshots showing the building damage on the Bodenplatte map:



And here’s one of the new AI-controlled vehicles - Willys MB off-roader. You can see the increased level of detail we have set up for all new non-player controlled ground vehicles:




The SE5 was always my favorite Allied plane in WW1. Something about it, the look, the wonderful flight model of it and it’s nice stable platform from which to gun from. Beautiful fighter.


I think that I see Dick Winters down there :+1: