IL-2 Sturmovik - Summer Sale has Begun June 25th - July 9th

Hello Mudspike.

We’ve launched our annual Summer Sale on in our Official Webstore and on Steam

Battle of Kuban = 50% Off (First time at this price)
Battle of Stalingrad = 66% Off
Battle of Moscow = 66% OFF
All Collector Planes = 50% Off (Including the U-2VS)
All Scripted Campaigns = 50% Off
All Rise of Flight Content = 66% Off
Cliffs of Dover BLITZ = 66% Off

As usual, if you purchase a plane you already have you can send it as a Gift to a friend or squadron mate.

NOTE: having at least the base game (Stalingrad) on Steam means you can launch it from the Steam client without entering a login and password and you can access your IL-2 content purchased elsewhere if you link the accounts.

Just letting you guys know. BOK and the U-2VS at 50% is a great deal!



Battle of Kuban is a beautiful map guys. Great time to complete your Great Battles collection. And $5 for a campaign is amazing. S!


Second this. My fav map/campaign(s) by far are the Kuban pckage. Plus the western allied aircraft included really round out the BoS hanger nicely.

That said, a question: If one were to purchase the revamped RoF content, is it then available along side BoS content? Eg. could I harass PE2s in my Spad?

RoF aircraft and maps are not compatible with the Battle of X series. Only the Flying Circus content is compatible.

I think what Aggressor was asking was if you buy the new Flying Circus aircraft, can you fly them on BoX maps against WWII aircraft. To that, the answer is yes, if you also own any of the BoX modules.

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I wasn’t sure what he meant since he wrote Revamped RoF. And since RoF content is on sale, I didn’t want him to spend money on the wrong product line. :slight_smile:

Flying Circus and BoX aircraft at the merge.


The maneuverability of those WW1 aircraft might make them a little harder to down than everyone expects.


I didn’t want him to spend money on the wrong product line.


If you were to start to get into the series now, which BoX would be your first one? Or are they basically the same, just with different aircraft and location and it’s just a matter of taste?

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I started with Boddenplatte. P47, Spitfire, me262, Dora and Anton with tempest, p51, p38 coming down the pipe.

Then I realized most popular servers do not use the late war (Boddenplatte) aircraft yet, so I was unable to join the battles. This led to me getting Stalingrad at the next sale.

I looked at all the aircraft each one comes with and picked the one that interested me the most.

Fast forward 6 months and I own all the WW2 battles. Can’t really go wrong with any of them. If you are an online only kind of guy, I wouldn’t recommend BP yet. At these sale prices you can pick up all 4 battles for ~$100. That’s 30+ planes and 4 maps with careers.


I have them all, too. Well, a couple of the collector planes I don’t just because I know I wouldn’t put enough time into them to make it worthwhile. BoS, BoM, BoK, BoP, FCv1, and I believe every single-engine collector plane.
The only major thing I don’t have is Tank Crew. I have Combined Arms in DCS and I barely use it so I figure the same would happen here. I’m just more interested in flying than armor. :slight_smile:

There has been IMO a massive turn around in the BoX line in the past couple of years from where they started at. The planes and visuals and combat was always great, but the connective tissue had been weak. Jason took great steps to strengthen it where it needed it with things like the careers and campaigns and MP without dedicated servers and today it’s what I always wanted an Il-2:46 successor to be.

The only item left on my checklist is a coop campaign. You need to find missions online (or make them yourself) to fly coop right now, but the game already makes dynamic missions for SP just fine. Once that is implemented there will literally be no need to fly another WWII sim unless you’re looking to fly a specific plane/map they haven’t made yet.


So for those of you flying this with Warthogs, how are you programming ALL the (seemingly) hundreds of commands and needed axes into your devices, and will the MFD’s or a TARGET profile work in-game? I seem to remember there were issues with getting them all to play nicely back in the RoF days. I’ve got a couple things in my cart, and this is the only question keeping me from pulling the trigger.

I just love the DCS Spitfire. I’d say there is always a need for another WWII sim or three :slight_smile:

I bought the spit in the sale. What a very nice plane well worth £7.99 :slight_smile:

Il-2 is much easier to map for HOTAS than DCS because you don’t have individual profiles for each plane. Instead, each plane conforms to the standard controls except for when it’s something unique to that plane.

There are also a lot fewer controls to contend with! So maybe using DCS has inured me to how many Il-2 uses…

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You don’t really need hundreds of commands. And as mentioned the commands carry over to other planes with a few exceptions.

Throttle (axis)
Prop RPM (axis)
Water radiator open/close
Oil radiator open/close

Press “E”



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This is precisely my only problem with BoX. While DCS, and even CoD (aka, BLITZ), allows you to map the controls to individual aircraft, you have only one profile with BoX, and you have to be mindful with your configuration decisions. Functions can be assigned more than once, which comes in handy, but I prefer to save and load different configurations for different aircraft. It’s not a deal breaker, but it does require more time to setup, at least for me, as I need to feel comfortable with the same controller configuration that may or may not feel suitable, depending on the aircraft I may or may not be flying.


This is magnificent juxtaposition of points of view, and the main reason why not a single flight sim will ever please everyone.