Impromptu Blue Flag AAR



Give it a couple of weeks, The fiver was for @Toppometer being eaten by a shark because brits have less blood in their alcohol and taste better on the beach

Good to hear from you mate. You may have a go at crappy internet, but its a good trade for those beach photos !!


Next missions, we will call Hop 2.5 and 3

Hop 2.5
Bogus “Vladimir” Blyat
Smokinski Holski

Mission: To depart Maykop for a 70nm NIGHT flight into the mountains to support the attack on Urup farp and if possible continue to Arhyz.

Even though it is night time, we are not expecting to engage the hip in an all out attack due to lack of vis issues. However we still opt for Door and tail gunner with 2 x rocket launchers and 2 x UPK pods.

To also facilitate the attack we loaded up the Mi8 with 2 x loads of troops 1 x igla and 1 x repair crate between the two of us

With both machines in action, all we had are gen 1 night vision and blade tip lights to co-ordinate ourselves. So off we go to what was going to be a long flight towards the mountains in the pitch black of night.

(you may be wondering why this is called hop 2.5 - I will pick up from the conversations at about 10 minutes into the flight out of Maykop)

Bogus, blah blah blah - yeah well at least at night time its going to be harder for the fighters to spot us Blah blah blah.
Smokin - hey look I can see a contrail up high over there 10’oclock
Bogus - hey you have good eyesight I can’t see him
Bogus goes BOOM
Smokin - that was a missile contrail not a plane contrail
Bogus in death screen sees 2 x missiles inbound
Smokin goes BOOM

Nasty f-15 Grrr

@smokinhole short of time has to depart after our defeat to the blues.

Deciding I am not playing with the F-15 I scan the widget to find something to unleash the Mi8 upon. A few minutes later I see that Alagir sam site to the South east has been neutralised and soon after captured. Watching the widget carefully it becomes clear that those capturing this high asset did not have any facilities to repair it.

Bases, farps, fuel refineries etc all repair slowly over time and hence why the repair crate is such an important asset to transport along with your capturing force. This was my chance.

My mission now was to deploy to Beslan which we owned and do the relatively short hop at night to Alagir sam site at the base of the mountains. We need to deny them this asset as this is one of the main routes the blues to the south can cross into the north. Bogus paints a grey beard and a stick on the side of the hip and hovers defiantly - YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Mission Depart Beslan. Capture Alagir sam site. Repair sam site.
Load out for this will be 2 x rocket launchers and 2 x UPK pods and both door gunners. I normally take 4 rocket pods but time was crucial and I wanted a little more speed with 2.

As mentioned previously. The sam site now aligned with BLUE will start self repairing slowly. I need to get in there before any anti air units come back on line. I also have no idea what the capturing team have left there to greet me. So it will be a fast run in a straight line for max speed until close to target area.

Forcing the new HIP into life, the weapons are armed on the ground. Night vision is on and we are off the apron forcing the still warming engines into a strenuous regime. Normally with my preferred load out fast cruise will be 250 klms/hr. With the reduced firepower it sits about 275.

Its a straight line south west from Beslan airfield to the city of Alagir. Its a large city and the sam site lays on the opposite side. Uneventful run aside from some trees that appear out of nowhere. The gen one night vision seems to not like some trees and its hard to get depth perception from the monocle view which made for a few jerks on the cyclic when you realise that tree is a lot closer than it looks.

The sam site is easy to spot with its 2 large towers and I change course to head west directly towards it. Dropping the speed to about 150 knots, I try to keep some manoeuvring speed whilst giving time to scan as best I can with the night vis.

My mind is cranking scenarios of what to expect as I skim the city roof tops.

To capture a farp you need to deploy troops. There are 3 sets to choose from. 1) standard infantry. All made up of automatic rifles. These can cause damage and fire to the hip. 2) Anti tank squad. Squad with 1 or two riflemen and the rest carry rockets. Definitely don’t want one of those in the side when landing. 3) is a mortar squad. Though once deployed they cannot move and are static. The thought of a mortar to the face doesn’t entice me.

In my cargo hold I have the standard troops of automatic rifles. My reasoning is they can’t do much if vehicle spawns, but they should overpower the Anti tank squad and hopefully as they are mobile will despatch the mortar team.

So what to do? I take the option to show my hand. My landing spot is between the two large radio masts. To ensure that is clear a barrage of rockets is unleashed from the mi8 to flatten that area. Directly after I feed in a boot full of rudder to bring the door gunner to bear and then I fly in a wide arc around the landing site keeping the door gunner in position waiting for the return fire.

Luckily for me there is no challenge from the ground. The opposition did a hit and run. As in captured the place with troops, extracted troops and legged it. That is good news indeed.

Ever mindful that I have no idea when the sam site will start spawning repaired vehicles or assets I wrestle the mi8 into a decelerated landing and throw the troops out between the towers. Instantly a message is displayed that the site has been captured and is once again in the domain of the RED empire. However the site is still at zero capacity and can be easily captured again by the enemy.

So I deploy the repair crate which takes the site instantly up to 50% capacity. Good enough to dissuade any solo ninja chopper pilot that wants to sneak back in for recapture.

There is half an hour to go in the session and the map is persistent. So before the session is out I would like to get another crate and repair to full strength denying this part of the northern corridor to the enemy.

To cut things short it was a fast run back to Beslan (aussie slang - I was flat out like a lizard drinking). A little to fast as my brake turn to landing resulted in collapsed landing gear and stern look from the crew chief.

Repairs done and reloaded up with repair crate a GCI comes on. Warning of an f-15 now south of beslan. I wonder if its the same guy that shot me and Smokin down earlier. Either way, I need to sneak past. Heading out not far from Beslan, I hear the roar of a jet above the drone of the Mi8. The butt cheeks get another work out as I go defensive and jink left and right to change my aspect and get a look at him. I can’t find him and call out to the GCI that I am in a creek of excrement and I don’t have a means of propulsion to get out of it. His kind reply was that there is no help in the area and I am “billy no mates” on this one. However i am not far out from Beslan and the GCI suggests an immediate return to base with a handy vector.

Like a fly to a freshly dropped cow pat, the advice was acted upon and the HIP spun around back for home base. I must have been once again lucky as the F-15 didn’t see me and once over Beslan the GCI informed that he had gone dark to the south.

With that it was another 180 back on track fast and low inbound to the sam site. Uneventful the trip was and a successful landing to deploy the last repair crate. Alagir sam site is now at 100% and a healthy deterrent to the blues for next round.

A very rewarding and fun mission. Night time really does change the aspect of the game and i am glad to see that Blue flag implements night time sessions in its change of instances.



Glad your luck turned, Bogus. And also happy to have had my “what’s that mountain goat doing in these clouds” moment for a laugh.


Definitely wasn’t a mountain goat moment. In that darkness we had no way of telling what that could have been. In fact, i am still amazed you even saw it in the first place !


HOP 4 ---- Battle of the farps.

Pilots Bogus “Vladimir” Blyat and Macleanski “Ra Ra Rasputin” Beatski

Mission to locate and quickly capture Terek farp and if able continue to Chikola Farp, neutralize enemy and capture.

Hop 4 Starts us from Mozdoc airfield. Its not a good time for the reds. Despite the previous mission to hold back the reds. Whilst away they have broken through the mountains in the north captured beslan and surrounding airfields as well as the sam site we had worked so hard to protect. Blues now have a foot hold and reds fight a battle on two fronts.

As we spawn in the widget which can be found here for real time map analysis and info advises us to the south of Mozdoc two farps are of value. Terek farp has been attacked and all enemy there neutralized, it just needs troops deployed for capture. Further south of Terek is Chikola farp which is not clear of enemy but has been hit hard and only at 30ish percent health which is marked as our secondary target for this hop.

Marking out on the map its not too long of a flight. Heading of 220 degrees and just under 30 nautical miles. The hips speed will eat that up in no time. However we are still posed with the same threats that has plagued us on previous missions. The terrain is almost pancake flat which throws terrain masking out the window. We also don’t know how long Terek farp has been left in a neutral state so there is no telling when enemy will respawn there. We are also outnumbered and this is an obvious area of counter attack from the reds so the blues will most likely have stuff in the area ready to end our days.

Our load out again is the standard 2 x rocket pods + 2 x UPK gun pods and door gunners. Taking off from Mozdoc both Maclean and I race through the checks and button switches to get both machines running as quickly as possible, time is of the essence here. Whilst the engines are whizzing the huge blades up to speed we both load up with a set of troops each and repair crates. As on the previous mission, dropping two repair crates at terek once we have captured it will bring it back to full health.

All loaded up and flight ready we take off from Mozdoc on course for best speed to Terek Farp.#

Flying low and fast, skimming the tree tops is the best we can do. The big helicopter and those big blades are a radar’s dream. So getting to our target area as fast as we can is all we can do whilst keeping the best lookout we can.
Following @Maclean who leads the charge on course to Terek city, from there we will hunt for the farp

@Maclean front and Bogus trail.

The few small hills we encountered enroute. Really no protection at all.

As we approach Terek city its all eyes outside as we don’t have an accurate fix on the map. The farp should be easily found by two large masts that tower over the site. As we close the borders to the city I see the towers in the distance on the north of Terek city and advise lead of the course change to target.

The right hand turn pulls our two steeds into line abreast formation. We both now get low to ingress towards target. We have to be careful here. Not only is a neutral farp of great importance to red, the same rings true for blue. We need to capture it first !

As we near Maclean pops up to test his rockets.

There is a small delay on the widget of a minute or so. So whilst it is showing Terek as neutral, someone could have just landed and deployed assets. So we opt for no chances. We will fast ingress in. Landing site will be between the two masts and the area in between will be pulverised from range to ensure nothing living will hamper our landing.

Maclean in for forground unleashing the mi-8 beast

And the happenings at our landing site.

As the smoke settles

The next plan is to send @Maclean in to drop the troops to capture. In the mean time I will break off right to circle anticlockwise with my door gunner and cover the area.

The area is clear and maclean is safely on the ground. Its time for me to join him and lets get this place captured and repaired. We both deploy our repair crates and shortly after the farp, under red control, is now full operational and full health.

Maclean on the ground with his troops out.

All of a sudden I think expletives from Maclean comes over the radio as he describes we are under attack. We are sitting ducks here on the ground and I have no idea what is happening. Maclean calls out missiles but we have no idea of where or by what. Situational awareness shrinks and we launch ourselves into the air. However all has gone quiet? What just happened.

Scanning the area it appears we had a run of luck. Just as we repaired the farp, the AA assets came online. apparently there was an enemy aircraft danger close. The freshly renewed farp defences burst into life catching the blue totally off guard and made a quick end. It could have been a fast jet, however more likely it could have been an enemy helicopter trying to do what we just did. But we got there first thanks to the swift landing and deployment of troops from maclean.

Smoke trails from the friendly anti air assets attacking the blue.

Smoke of the despatched enemy on the tree line. He was THAT CLOSE !

With the threat over, farp up and running both maclean and I decide to take on the second objective of chikola farp. This will be a tad harder as the farp has enemy assets and we will have to fight to take it. I am out of rockets but the UPK gun pods are devastating. We elect to run in.

Its a course of 201 degrees for just under 20 nautical miles to Chikola. This will be a hit and run mission. We have used all our repair crated so best we can do is capture the farp and leave our troops there as the only deterrent whilst someone else repairs it/ it repairs itself over time / its recaptured. At any point it will be a huge distraction.

Again off we go at best speed. No terrain coverage and skimming tree top level. There is no cover here as we cross a huge forest.

Maclean in for foreground as we cross.

Then our luck runs out. We are ambushed. We were spotted by the enemy GCI on radar and our straight line run made for an easy intercept. As we crossed the expanse of green, the edge of the forest started coming in to view. Without any warning and from BELOW the tree line at the edge of the forest, a perfectly placed F-15 raises from the ground like the undead reborn. I can’t even get a word out before I see the first Fox 2 snaking its way into macleans mi-8. its only about a second later when the aspect of the f-15 was changed in line with my HIP and the second fox two was launched. it happened so suddenly and violently that I don’t think I even got a flare off. The ingress of the f-15 to attack us below tree line level hid it from us until it popped up over the forest in perfect attack range and azimuth to knock us both out. Great work from the f-15 and the GCI guiding him.


10/10 screenshot of myself going super Saiyan in an mi-8


Fantastic AAR. I’d have pooped myself when that anti air started popping off out of the blue…


Yeah it was a shock. Checking the replay it was indeed an enemy chopper coming in to try to capture the farp.


HOP 4 Part TWO Time, its a fickle thing. You either have it, or you don’t.

Still with pilots Bogus “Vladimir” Blyat and Macleanski “Ra Ra Rasputin” Beatski we decided to reposition and head to some more Farps this time located in the mountains. This is the second “choke” point further westwards on the map where the blues can break through to the north. The passageway has a few farps scattered around various valleys allowing for a broad range of movement across the mountains.

So we respawn at Psebay farp and the target is Arhyz farp located about 20 nautical miles away on a heading 157 degrees. This time we are blessed with mountains and terrain masking making me feel far more relaxed on the transit.

Our target again has been sitting idle for who knows how long and is currently neutral from being in the hands of the Blue side. Same load out as before in part one, and its time to go across a few valleys to Arhyz

Loading up and getting ready to go.

Its nice now not having to straight line it somewhere and choosing a path through the terrain. The flying in itself is quite fun. Again as maclean seems to be the bullet magnet, he takes lead.

Unfortunately there are some parts in our journey where we have to crest over the top, but here in the mountains I am not expecting us to give our position away if we are quick and duck back into cover.

The journey has gone uninterrupted so far and we are coming up to the last mountain ridge line. Its quite high and as soon as we cross it, its a steep dive immediately into the enemy position.

As we cross over and do the opposite of “pull for power” the mi-8 adopts a fantastic sink rate. Caution here as both Maclean and I had to manage the descent profile as the main rotors can easily overspeed.

I have come down a tad too steep and I need to jink left and right for a bit to manage the main rotor. This put Maclean in closest position and we adopted the same tactic as before. Maclean to land first and I will circle round counter clockwise to provide cover.

In the turn the serenity of the flight is removed by the deep crack of the door gunner coming to life. It was unexpected as the farp was to be neutral. He is shooting the tree line and something is in there. I continue the lazy left turn to allow the gunner free will but he has not taken out whatever it is.

Shells dispensing from the side gunners bursts of anger

Maclean safe at the moment, round the corner on the other side of the towers is madly deploying his stuff and we are conscious of the fact that we have not and can not capture this farp whilst there is an enemy presence here.

So looking left out of the P1’s window, I can easily track the tracer rounds in the tree line. As the gunner is having troubles, the rudder is kicked left and the aggression meter is raised a peg. Rocket pods now slew inline of the expected enemy and its time to do nature a disservice.

I send multiple volleys in and then track up, down and in a bit to the forest as I have no clue what is in there

Just above the tail rotor on the edge of the tree line you can make out a dead soldier.

In the mean time, Maclean is getting bored and or worried about the booms happening not too far away and rightly lifts off to help purge the area. His troops are still on the ground so if we kill what is here, they will capture automatically the Farp.

We spend a bit of time flying about trying to figure out if there is any more enemy and what has happened. I was wondering if an enemy got here the same time as us and is resupplying the base. But we can’t see anything.

I decide to put down near the dead soldier and deploy the troops near the tree line. Perhaps they can see something and engage?

Unfortunately they do not fire. Now time has been moving on a bit since we have been here. This is not what we want. Also we can’t detect any enemy but the Farp is not ours. Something is happening and we are clueless as to what.

Then the worst happens. Maclean engages full bullet magnet mode, calls out over the comms that he is under attack whilst my ground troops start firing ------ in the opposite direction of the tree line… Oh crap !!

My guess is that there was a hidden enemy chopper in here somewhere that had resupplied the base whilst we were trying to capture it or the base was repairing itself but my money is on the former. Suddenly enemy vehicles spawn and come to life and the first person they see is … MACLEAN !!!

Two puff of smoke. One from a sam launcher at maclean and one from an rocket troop attacking a newly spawned vehicle.

Maclean now in the thick of it is in real trouble

Its a close miss !! But still taking heavy damage from gun fire.

One of my troops dispatches a vehicle targeting Maclean

But here comes some more !

After maclean is dispatched all eyes are turned to me (which I am still on the ground). I am taking heavy fire and soon warnings are filling the flightdeck. My men get to work. There are two rocket launcher infantry pointing at the offending vehicle. However, left shoots - miss, right shoots - miss, left shoots - miss… Crikeys !!! They are now all out of rockets.

The Mi-8 has now lost and engine and I can’t get airborne. The hull is still groaning from constant hits and its time to take what action I can. I roll the HIP on the ground and taxi it sideways to bring the door gunner to bear.

The offender is down but the minor victory is short lived and my last. The right side of the HIP is raked and the large bubble canopy eats a bucket load of lead. All went dark.


That was a great read! Not that it would have helped but why not go “Hip and Hokum”? I’ve always envied red for that ability.


this is why we need the hind now!, :grin:


@smokinhole It would be a good combat combo. Not sure if in blue flag the ka50 can carry crates, it certainly can’t (or shouldn’t) be able to carry troops. I should check to see what blue flag lets it do.

The ka50 is the only other chopper at the moment that can keep the speed of the mi8 almost.

I might give it a go!

@tempusmurphy the hind would be a great fit. Fast, troops, cargo, precision weapons. But the hip is so ugly, i can’t help but like it


Hop 5 – Is defence the best offence ? And what can you do with the hip if you don’t want to be in the thick of it.

Once again pilots “Vladimir” Blyat and Macleanski “Ra Ra Rasputin” Beatski

Overnight the blues have pushed hard in the north. The two fronts have coalesced into a small patch of red airfields and farps to the north west and everything else on the map belongs to the blues. We are being hard pressed here and its time to try to slow them down while we wait for the bulk of the reds to show up and hopefully push back.

This hop is to depart from Maykop and head south west towards an enemy sam site. We are to get as close as possible and establish our own KUB anti air site. Blues will use the cover of their sam site to fly around in picking us off, if we get ours up, that will hamper them somewhat.

The kub site comes essentially in two parts to make it (Launcher and radar) and a third item (repair crate) to replenish and repair it.
Starting on ground from Maykop and requesting the Kub Launcher crate

Whilst loading @maclean join us on Mudspike teamspeak and is happy to help out grabing the Radar section of the Kub set up.

Again its standard load out with the Mi-8’s as previous and we also load up on a set of troops each. Soon after we are enroute to our location. There are rolling hills here so protection from the enemy sam site should be adequate provided we stay low when getting close.
Bogus in lead this time to deployment point.

Skirting through the clearings to stay low.

Whilst enroute the roar of jets are heard and we pick up a friendly flanker buzzing something to our right. He then gets bored of whatever it is he is up to and gives us a couple of passes. At least we have some cover.

Nearing our deployment zone we skirt the tops of the trees and decide to drop our equipment next to a small town.

Maclean and I dropping our crates.

Maclean then calls for the crates to be unpacked and like magic we have a great defence system set up blocking that route for the enemy to Maykop

For added fun we both deploy our troops (probably too close to the vehicles).

We weren’t sure if we also needed the repair truck so its decided to go back and get one anyway. As well I will pick up an Igla crate and drop that off too. Not sure why, but the igla crate is a man kept inside one of those crates with a rocket launcher. I guess he has personality issues. All in the name of balance I guess.

So its lift off and back to Maykop to grab what we need.

On the way back a nuance of the HIP is discovered. Upon landing I engaged the dust protection system as we were landing on grass, no problem there. However, I neglected to turn them off when transiting back to Maykop.

Not sure what exactly happened but we were tree top level, then the main rotor started loosing RPM. the loss of RPM kicked out the main generator and with that I lost stability control. Not exactly the best thing when skimming branches. Needless to say the helicopter went into a nose down attitude to give me a close up of nesting birds. I instantly jerk on the collective which has an adverse effect. As the stabilisation is kaput the input is exacerbated and I end up like this.

Not sure if its a giggle as well but over comms a hear a big Woooooooaaaaaaaaarrrr from maclean as he watches the proceedings.
its all ham fisted full deflection actions and a good dose of staining of the pilots chair as I try to wrestle this beast back into some kind of flying regime. but I somehow recover below the tree line. Watching the track back, luck was on my side. Where the incident happened was a little grove of short bushes and somehow that allowed me to get back on top of the tree tops.
With the HIP now back into normal flight and my hand adjusted to the now sensitive controls I still need to somehow get the rotor speed back to obtain the necessary electrics. First course of action was to push the APU to supplement the power, then with that online I could re-engage the stabilisation and then disconnect the dust protection. Shortly after the engines regained normal operation.

That predicament over and its a fairly uneventful flight back to Maykop except for a su25 coming in to investigate us. After loading back up we make speed for our newly deployed Kub site.

Maclean heads to the KUB site and deploys the repair crate and its here we find out that its not needed, it just fixes and replenishes the stock of the site. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the town, I deploy the Igla for added protection.

On the way back the server was throwing occasional nasty lag spikes and unfortunately they have killed my track. So unfortunately there are no more pictures.

Maclean notices on the widget that the sam site we are blocking with our kub site has been neutralised and seeing as its just down the road and we both have troops, its time to go get it. We lift off the kub site and log a heading. Its only a short flight and the towers marking the site are clearly visible.

Unfortunately maclean’s internet wobbles and disconnects and here I continue the mission. The area is protected by friendly aircraft and I deploy the troops with no hindrance. The sam site is ours though its still dead with no active assets. I leave my troops there for what ever protection they can provide and make two runs between the sam site and Maykop with repair crates to eventually bring the site up to 100% health.

After this I am called south and reposition to capture a farp that has also been neutralised and this all happens unopposed. It was a good session and despite being outnumbered by blue we made a defence network, captured some key assets and pushed back a little despite the odds. Niiiice.

What can you do with the hip if you don’t want to be in the thick of it.
The hip is not designed to be a front line machine of devastation. However saying that at close ranges it is a very capable and hard hitting machine. You can certainly fight in it, I have and it is effective. You just need to try and pick your battles.

In Blue Flag, the choppers have additional roles. Additional is is not the correct word, essential is more befitting. You cannot capture anything on the map unless a chopper is present for deployment. So you can be the best top gun fighter ace in the world but in blue flag that will account for nothing without support from whirly birds.

Capturing usually means you are putting yourself in a position of contention and that is a magnet for enemy activity. However you don’t have to be on the front lines to be a great help in this game.

Besides capturing you can do the following.
Deploy Jtacs
Deploy sam sites
Deploy early warning radar sites
Repair facilities.

As with above you can still sit in friendly territory and deploy items. You may think why, but it really does help the guys flying fast in the air. Keeping farps, sam sites, fuel depots airports ETC repaired is crucial to winning a game. Setting up EWR sites lets your GCI detect enemy aircraft helping in attack and defence.

The hip is a wonderful machine. One of the fastest helo in game. It may not precision strike at 8 klms like the KA50, but its presence on the battlefield is essential. Its a true workhorse of any conflict.


Another great write up…you should serialise the ongoing adventures of bogus Vladimir blyat


Great AARs. It’s nice to see that mission designers have found a way to make the helos a revalant and critical part of the servers. Just makes me wish we had some western medium/heavy lift assets in the game like the ch-46 or ch-53. The Osprey could be quite fun on a server like Blue Flag as well…


Snark’s strapped himself into a harrier today at BF, here’s how it went:

Recently I’ve been fancying the harrier more and more, it reminds me of being a helicopter only then quite a bit faster! Rotary-inclined as I am I opted for a carrier start at Sukhumi, the Tarawa was just offshore in front of the runway(don’t ask them why, they looked really upset).

In for a dash of excitement I opted to load most of everything, one AIM-9M, one AGM-122, two AGM-65G’s, and 4 BDU-12 bombs. Loaded up with fuel and it becomes quite heavy still. About 3000kg below max weight which in my pilots book reads “good enough”(note, the book is mostly childly scribbles with some erect shapes in the markers).

Full brakes on, kenny loggins playing in the background and off we go! Just before I am about to discover what happens when you smash a harrier into the water as it leaves the carrier I rotate the nozzles to 60 degree and get a bit of a pitch up going. The climb is slow and I loose some altitude before I gain it. The nozzles come forward, the flaps go up, and the throttles go back(push to pull to power… wait what?!). Sure enough I am airborne and as happy as a kite!

Not for long though, the overlord notifier window in the top right informs me that sochi airbase is watching me and scrambles fighters, in response sukhumi does the same. As brave of a ground pounder as I am I opt to closely watch my RWR and remain east of safe Sukhumi. Sure enough the threats disappear sort off and I move in. I can see a friendly F-15 nearby on my RWR and some M2 and UK marks. Oh well, that 6 over there is mighty interesting!

I roll towards the SA-6 site and scan with my DMT, never really got a lock on it though, the enemy kept coming so it was a bit of a back and forth game.

This goes around a few times until the SA-6 gets a solid lock on my, but the AGM-122 is as silent as the night. I turn around and tail it back to sukhumi since another air threat has popped up with no discernable allies nearby. I throttle back and climb a little nearing base and I jump straight into the engine smoke of someone… It’s a SU-25A… where did this one come from? well, before I can ripple off my sole AIM-9 it’s vanished in a puff of smoke, send with kind regards from the friendly ground defences.

I turn around to RTB and sure enough, once in pattern I manage to gently crash my landing gear and run off the runway to a not very exciting end!

Mostly a learning experience for me, be aware of non-radar equipped units operating in the area, push on a little more, and load up a targetting pod next time!

More, will follow!


Vladimir is back! Vladimir sprung a trap… Not his trap, someone else’s but sprung it was !!!

Due to the popularity of the blue side at the moment (something probably to do with a recent module release). I decided to join the reds on the start of a brand new round which commenced on the 6th.

There were more reds than blues on which was a nicety and I thought it was long time I took to the hip and blew off the cobwebs. There was a simple objective plain to see from the map. A farp ready for the taking and down to its last measly percentage of life.

So Bogus Vladimir Blyat took to the skies and hurried as quickly as the big Russian food processor could go. There wasn’t many blues on, and I had offerings of red cap for the area. Course plotted and off I went.

Maybe it was greed of a quick capture. But my spidey sense was overwritten. You see, it was a long direct valley from my farp to an enemy farp. And strangely enough there was no mention of enemy patrols over the target area.

So Bogus nicely sprung the trap. A simple man pad right in middle of my course. placed squarely in the middle of the valley. Here is my view

Blue flag is just simply awesome. Its these random encounters that teach you better ways and spice up your day !!


I need to join you for some Hip hoping


Always up for company ! i am on mudspike teamspeak whenever i am on


Just a quick chip in - @Bogusheadbox and I went for a quick excursion up that same Valley of Death, Bogus in his trusted 8, me fumbling along in a Ka-50 that I barely remembered how to start let alone shoot with.

It didn’t go very well - we were boosting along the little snaking river up the valley until we got jumped by two Huey gunships.

Although tragic, the sight of Bogus’ Hip 30 feet ahead of me suddenly being engulfed in tracers and river water splashing high from the ricochets was one of the more spectacular surprises I’ve had in recent times!

I breaked hard towards the tracers and managed to tack on to the 6 of the Huey I saw, but before I could figure out my weapon key binds, his wingman sawed my tail off.

The last thing I saw before plunging into the river below was Bogus’ spirited door gunner, still firing from the partially submerged hulk of the crash-landed Hip on the riverbank before another Huey strafe finished the job.

Good fun - I need to do a quick brush up of the Ka to be of use, though :grin: