Inateck USB 3.0 PCI card, a VR must have

Hey fellas,
I had some problems with my VR sensor loosing connection over and over. Also I was having a hard time restarting my PC with my Warthog hotas plugged in.
I reloaded my USB 3.0 drivers on my motherboard and this helped out with the sensor. But I still was having problems restarting.
While I was searching I ran into an article saying Oculus recommended as a fix this card. Inateck PCI-E to USB 3.0 5-Port PCI Express. At 28 bucks plus shipping I thought I would give it a go and add 5 USB 3.0 to my pc. The card goes into the mobo and then gets power from your power supply. I have a AS Rock X99X mobo. It has 4 USB 3.0 but I think many AS rock VR users are seeing this problem. Maybe too many things hanging off the mobo 3.0 ports.
At any rate, the card works like a charm. I plugged my OR, sensor, HOTAS and Rudder pedals. I have yet to have a failed startup in about a week. So this card does work. Great product if you need more USB 3.0.

Have a great Day!



I also have this card.

For USB 3.0 Devices is way better than onboard USB3, Especially for Power Hungry Devices, Since it does not rely on the mainboard’s power, and instead a direct line from the PSU.

Even my USB 3.0 Drives and Memory Sticks, are significantly faster

Mine has 5 Ports on Back + 2 Connected via the Connector.

Precisely what I have. 5 ports is a great addition. That power from the PSU takes care of any device. I think this thing is a great problem solver.