IndiaFoxtEcho's DCS: MB-339/PAN


Must-have purchase for me . I have Aerofly just for the MB-339 , and will uninstall it immediately after the jet is available in DCS .

What will happen to the mod when this comes out?

Excellent, the freeware version is great. I can’t wait for the full version.

That has none with the mod, has a official DCS 3rd party module.

Pre-release trailer…


I have a soft spot for trainers/light attack aircraft. Will get this one!
Does the 339 have a name or nickname?

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Actually it does…
Since it comes from Aermacchi and it’s tiny (some call it useless) it’s nicknamed “Macchino”…

(pron: “Mak” as in the Mach speed, and “ki” as in killer, and “no” as in the beginning of November)


Cool! Didn’t know that. It just occured to me that I’ve never heard someone call it anything but “The Aermacchi” or “The three-three-nine”.

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Nice but I can’t help noticing it’s like external roughmet are completely missing?

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What do you mean by “external roughmet?”

If you see the F15 model, of the F14, they all have a surface that looks rough or smooth according to wear and tear.

That’s missing in the 339, apparently.

(roughmet is the type of file that represents the surface)



STATE OF FAQ: September 2022. Version 1.0

Q: What is the current state of the MB-339 Module?

A: Currently (as of September 2022) the MB-339 is ready for release. The module includes the simulation of the MB-339A and MB-339PAN variants, full systems functionality for both pilots, Multicrew capability, one campaign, and Singleplayer, Quickstart, several training missions, and a manual. The only missing functionality is the Flight Director which will be included post release.

Q: Is it Early Access or Full Release state?

A: We cannot define the project Early Access we have completed almost all aircraft system. It could be defined a beta release focused to its completion within some months post release.

Q: What will the release version of the MB-339 include?
A: The release version of the MB-339 will include the MB-339A and MB-339PAN versions which received the MLU update. This version is the one currently used by the Italian Air Force for basic jet training. The module also includes only the external 3D model of the early MB-339A (i.e. the one who fought during the Falklands-Malvinas War).

Q: Is IndiaFoxtEcho considering making more evolute MB-339 versions, like MB-339CD or MB-339CB?
A: Not at this moment. Although these versions look very similar to the MB-339A, they are different in terms of system integrations, performances and 3D models (both for external and cockpit) so they cannot be considered as update of this module, but never say never…

Q: Where can I find the manual for the MB-339?
A: Please follow this link:

Q: Does the MB-339 Module support VR?
A: Yes! Eagle Dynamics made a very good job with VR support for DCS World, so the MB-339 is full compatible with VR.

Q: What is the Multicrew?
A: The Multicrew feature is the possibility to fly the MB-339 online in Multiplayer or CoOp together with a friend (or stranger of course) as pilot or instructor. The MB-339 is a two-seat jet aircraft and is best experienced together with friends while doing procedural training flights or light attack missions.

Q: My friend wants to join to my aircraft, does he/she need to own the MB-339 module too?
A: Yes. The instructor station is a reproduction of the instructor station, this means that majority of instruments and controls are present in both cockpits. Doing a Multicrew aircraft is a very challenging task as you need to double everything in terms of code and 3D model which is not far different for making two separated modules. We hope you will enjoy all our efforts and passion spent for creating this module. We thank you for your continuous support, this motivates us to do our best on this and future projects.

Q: Will you add the RNZAF skin in your module?
A: Our policy is “no fictional liveries in the official package”, but we can consider to add it if the community will make a high quality livery.

Q: Will the MB-339 include pilot bodies for normal and VR use?
A: Yes. However we are aware that at day 1 the pilots 3D models are not high detailed, but we have planned to add a better version in future.

Q: Does the MB-339 supports DCS Simple Radio in Multiplayer?
A: Yes! DCS Simple Radio Standalone support will be available at day 1.

Q: Is there a Chuck’s Guide for the MB-339?
A: Not at the moment unfortunately.

Q: Is there a paint kit for skin creators?
A: Yes, you can find the paintkit here.

Q: What is the price for the MB-339 Module and are you offering sales?
A: The MB-339 will be in line with the other modules of the same category.

Q: Will the MB-339 Module be available on Steam?
A: Yes.

Q: If I own a steam version, and my friend owns a standalone version - can we still fly together?
A: Yes. Both standalone and steam version are online compatible with each other and completely identical.


Kind of surprised to read that specific question…

It shouldn’t matter if there’s a good manual available, truth be told.:smiley:


Sit back folks, I’ll take this one.

I have read countless technical manuals throughout my career, and this includes a lot of flightsim manuals. And they all present functional descriptions of capabilities. Cut and dry.

A “Chuck’s Manual” reads like a good story IMHO. Same information, but presented with that invaluable top down, ‘how to use’ descriptions. And for me, a left-hander who learns thru pictures better than written word, I appreciate all the pictures he includes of each step in a process.

Can’t imagine all the hours you put into a manual (then give it away for no charge), but I sure am grateful!. Every flightsim I fire up, I have my ipad open to the corresponding Chuck’s Guide.


I think its fantastic. You are the defacto source for learning these aircraft for so many people. I wish Razbam would read this and gnash their teeth.

Shouldn’t a beta be feature complete…?
Oh well, these definitions aren’t set in stone, I guess…

I can picture it now. A flightsimmer walks into the car dealership and looks at a car. The salesperson approaches and tries to seal the deal, when the presumptive buyer asks; Yes, but is there a Chucks guide available?

@Chuck_Owl, you’re the Haynes of flightsims! :laughing:


I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun with the MB-339/PAN. I would also like IndiaFoxtEcho to release this aircraft on DCS someday as well. This is them releasing this aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Looks superb.

Early Access video dropped today.