IndiaFoxtEcho's DCS: MB-339/PAN


Must-have purchase for me . I have Aerofly just for the MB-339 , and will uninstall it immediately after the jet is available in DCS .

What will happen to the mod when this comes out?

Excellent, the freeware version is great. I can’t wait for the full version.

That has none with the mod, has a official DCS 3rd party module.

Pre-release trailer…


I have a soft spot for trainers/light attack aircraft. Will get this one!
Does the 339 have a name or nickname?

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Actually it does…
Since it comes from Aermacchi and it’s tiny (some call it useless) it’s nicknamed “Macchino”…

(pron: “Mak” as in the Mach speed, and “ki” as in killer, and “no” as in the beginning of November)


Cool! Didn’t know that. It just occured to me that I’ve never heard someone call it anything but “The Aermacchi” or “The three-three-nine”.

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Nice but I can’t help noticing it’s like external roughmet are completely missing?

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What do you mean by “external roughmet?”

If you see the F15 model, of the F14, they all have a surface that looks rough or smooth according to wear and tear.

That’s missing in the 339, apparently.

(roughmet is the type of file that represents the surface)

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