Insurgency Fri. & DoI Sat. Nights | Mudspike Ground Ops


Escape from Tarkov is on my radar … the rest, meh. Thanks for the heads up Aero.


I’m in. Was gonna play some Steel Division but my organized gaming time is coming to close shortly… I’ll be out of commission for a few months likely (baby #2), so can’t pass this up!


@linebacker two of us here if you want to join


I’ll be on in a few, just running late


Ahh but Due Process is on the verge of being the little TacShooter that could!

Dedicated mission planning phase with a map to diagram stuff on, totally destructible environments, fast round-based gameplay, and an abundance of meaningful choices to make.

Don’t get caught up on the cartoony visuals- it’s a very small dev team and they’re doing that to perfect the gameplay before making it look pretty!


Some good play last night. Thanks guys.


Interesting! … I’ll have to have another look at this …


Day of Infamy server news – I did some ranked server testing tonight and I should’ve spotted the “YOU CAN’T HAVE A RANKED SERVER IF YOU USE WORKSHOP CONTENT” message in the console babble at startup. :slight_smile:

Bottom line is I turned off ALL Workshop content (just the Westwall, Dianville & Brest maps) and we’re ranked now!
The server even shows up in the Official Coop server list IF I don’t have a password on it.

The cool thing is we can still have a 12 player server AND unlimited supply points! I’m just wondering if we should keep our 30 supply points or not? I know Rhino has mentioned that we should opt for the default 10 to make our rushes a little less gung-ho. :slight_smile: I personally like the whole arsenal at my disposal from the get go since it really isn’t a whole lot in the first place.


I’m fine with whatever as long as we’re gaining experience/unlocks! Whatever everyone else wants.


I like having the extra supply, mostly because I like being have to carry a pistol with a sniper rifle lol


It’s totally normal to feel that way Andrew. You shouldn’t feel guilty or awkward in any way. :slight_smile:


Pretty sure default sniper loadout has a pistol but I could be wrong.


A few screen shots from tonight


Such a good non flight sim game. :+1:


nice shots. Hard to focus on taking ones if you aren’t recording. So much going on.


Exactly, wish I could have grabbed more but I was too busy. I don’t know why Fraps won’t record anymore for me… any suggestion of capture programs for next time?


I’m lovin’ Day of Infamy again for next Saturday but I’m going to try to start a good 32 player Rising Storm 2: Vietnam server for Friday night. Insurgency is getting a bit stale.


If you have an NVidia card…I’ve heard pretty good things about Shadow Play (enabled through the GeForce Experience software)…


AMD cards also have a record feature in the software. I like using OBS, easy and very solid software!


I use Dxtory for recording…but I don’t know if there is a free version available.
The files are a bit bigger as with Shadow Play.
On the upside you can record headphones and mic etc. on different tracks.