Insurgency Fri. & DoI Sat. Nights | Mudspike Ground Ops

Is anybody interested in playing some Insurgency and Day of Infamy?

I play with a group that meets regularly on Friday nights (Insurgency) and Saturday nights (Day of Infamy). We usually start around 9PM Eastern.

We were planning to hop on the Mudspike TS and play for a couple of hours or so. We don’t have a dedicated server, so we’ll just crash some unoccupied public servers.


Yes, I’ll join you guys on TS and play.

You know I’ll be there!

When were you guys gonna be on? Cause I’d probably stop by.

We’ll be on around 9PM Eastern tonight. +/- a few minutes. If we’re not there yet, don’t leave, we’ll be there! We’ll probably play for 1.5-2 hours, so if people can’t join at the exact time, you can show up later.

Cool, I should be on, though all I have is Insurgency

Fun session last night, thanks all!

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Yes, it was fun. Nice to have Andrew join and see what we’re about.

Tonight we’re playing the Day of Infamy mod for Insurgency. If you’re interested in joining, download the mod at the Insurgency workshop and join us on Teamspeak at 9PM.

Yah it was fun, don’t know if I’ll make it on tonight but in the future I hope to be around.

I really enjoyed when I was able to play with you guys. Unfortunately I rarely have time on Saturdays.

I would love to play, so if someone could add me on Steam feel free to @ [45thIBCT]TUNABANDIT

I have both, just got DOI last week. I’m away for a few weeks but I’d be up for it when I’m back home.

I’ll be free for another session tonight.

Hopefully LB will be able to be the server again.

That was a nice 2.5 hr session. Looking forward to Day of Infamy Saturday night @ 9PM Eastern.

Day of Infamy is really shaping up. Those new maps were fantastic, plus lots of other little touches everywhere.

Had a lot of fun last night, thanks for hosting for us Linebacker!

No problem! My server is your server for however long you guys need it. I’m just happy to have a use for my poor old secondary 3Ghz quad core PC.

Changing the subject, the MG42 in DoI is definitely shaping up to be a completely uncontrollable beast whilst hip firing … as it should be! :fearful:

We’re definitely going to need some more manpower to complete these Saturday night DoI missions.

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Hi. Don’t forget. We’re playing Insurgency tonight at 9pm Eastern. Come join us if you haven’t already.

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That was a great turnout last night. 7 people getting in some trigger time. Thanks again to Linebacker for hosting.

Day of Infamy is on tap for tonight, same time.

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Thanks for the backup on the Day of Infamy battlefield Mudspikes! (Mudspikians maybe?) As always, a very fun and informative VICTORY!