Insurgency Fri. & DoI Sat. Nights | Mudspike Ground Ops


Now that’s interesting, how is it for pulling still frames out of videos?


Sorry, i don’t know. I never tried that.

But I just discoverd that you can run it in trial mode (with a watermark).
Here is the feature list Dxtory features

And here is a link to the Lagarith Lossless Video Codec which helps to save some disk space.


Anddd, returning to the subject of the thread. :slight_smile: For those without Rising Storm 2, we can still gather this Friday at 9PM and find a public server to use.


I’m in! :grin:

(jeez … first I suggest replacing Day of Infamy night with RS2V night and then I suggest replacing Insurgency night with RS2V night LOL!) Sorry about my poor attempts at derailing this thread @saghen.


Are we playing Insurgency tonight ?


I’m easy.


If we are on Insurgency tonight there’s a decent chance I’ll be on, Saturday though I won’t be around at all.


I’m planning to play tonight.


BTW, I told my wife I may not be playing tonight if your playing Rising Storm two, because I don’t have the game. So I could sit and watch TV with her tonight. She said go ahead and buy the game, so I did. Should I be insulted ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LMAO! I love it.



That’s saghen ignoring the no parking rules. Also using a crap ton of casings on nothing, since I’d already shot everyone :wink:


Here’s Rhino taking point :slight_smile:


Well, what can I say. They’re not paying me to bring the ammo back.


Damn straight saghen!

Sorry to necropost here but you guys seem to enjoy the ranking “experience points” thing in Day of Infamy (great games tonight by the way!).

Should we make Insurgency so? It’ll mean no unlimited arsenal.


I don’t think the ranking system is fleshed out in Insurgency. I thought it was just a test bed in Insurgency, but was rolled out in Day of Infamy. I don’t think there are benefits like new uniforms/weapons. I could be wrong. Regardless, I like the wide variety of firearms and I would like to keep it.


I keep forgetting that Insurgency IS NOT Day of Infamy LOL! :slight_smile:

Hey saghen, I made a Workshop Collection for our Insurgency sessions … could you update your OP in this thread with this link? …

As far as Day of Infamy is concerned, no Workshop items are needed since you can’t use Workshop content on ranked servers.


I hope to be around tonight, its been a long week and I could do with some fun tonight.


Linebacker, make a post, as you requested. Adlabs needs to modify his original post.

Looking forward to tonight. Flash bang out!


Have fun tonight, guys. I’ll be letting my PC rest tonight. I’ve got a new power supply on order, hopefully it’ll take care of the random rebooting issues over the last few weeks.

Oh, and Meat will need to edit the sticky. Once those posts I made are locked, I can’t edit them anymore. I’ll message him about it today.