Internet in Germany - what to choose

For a lack of alternatives I am with Telekom. I could get 250MBit/s but I am still on a 50Mbit/s contract. However I have noticed that I’m regularly exceeding the promised 50Mbit/s by 5-10Mbit/s so I get a little more than promised.

As others have mentioned Vodafone has been pretty good over the last years. Can’t really go wrong with them. Mobile contracts are a whole other matter in Germany. I’m with Drillisch but I heard in a lot of areas the coverage isn’t great with them. Personally I haven’t had much trouble in that regard though.

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Guys I have a weird problem.
The Telekom guy came today to install the internet “box”, the small box with TAE connectors (one F and two N).
The guy tested it and said we have a pretty fast line. Cool.
Now, I have a new, untested, still sealed router that I connected via TAE N cable to the “box”.

The weird part is that the router doesn’t show, Via any LED, that there’s a carrier signal incoming.

I try to configure it with the data I received from Vodafone but to no avail.

Does anyone of you configured Vodafone with an own router?

Did they give you just the credentials or some more in depth stuff? DSL connections have a LOT of parameters.

Yeah that’s my problem. I have a paper with a few data but all the interface, ISP, VPI, VCI etc. is missing.

Connect to the middle TAE socket. I don’t know about configuration, sorry.

@Poneybirds, yeah I tried that too.
There’s simply no carrier signal.
Possibly something on Vodafone side?
Or is my router broken?

Thanks to @miRage i did a very extensive testing to no avail.

Luckily tomorrow a colleague will bring me a couple of routers he has for testing.
He tried them tonight, at his place, so we know for sure they work.

We went through the router manual and some support pages for how to configure that model for Vodafone DSL. I think we found all the parameters for manual ISP configuration.

What’s strange is that all the connection diagnostics test still fail and there is not even a blinking LED.

A different router might help narrow down which end causes the issue.

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Yes, got a Fritz!Box by a colleague who tested it at his apartment so I’m sure this works.
I can narrow it down to the specific problem.

Edit: What @Poneybirds said is close to the truth I feel.
There’s something wrong with the way the TAE cables ends up in my router - and checking in the Fritz!Box is inverted… So, uhm. Let’s hope.

I assume you tried connecting to the other port(s)? Sometimes the service guys switch the termination on accident.

Ok, so, the Fritz!Box sees the carrier signal.

Trying to access this new router via browser.

OK, accessed… Now it’s just a matter of configuration and it should work!

Sooooooooooooooooooo, guess how’s writing from his home computer with finally a workling internet connection!?



Speed test or it didn’t happen!

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What’s fair is fair… :wink:

Download is slow because I was downloading games on steam…
Let me re-try:

Yup Slightly better…


That’s more than 6 times what i get on download. Upload is about 40 times what i get. I think you’re gonna be ok. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like how your upload speed isn’t hugely disproportionate! You could start streaming with that speed, assuming it’s stable.


Wow yes, extremly good numbers for a DSL line! Consider yourself lucky, @komemiute


Thanks guys! I found out my wife’s Laptop was downloading stuff… so it’s apparently even better.


That’s… amazing :smiley:

Welcome back, mate.




So bud, how’s the life in allemania treating you? Job still fun? Family ok? La cucina still a mess?

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