Introducing the F-15X: Would the Air Force Buy a Non 'Stealth' Fighter?



RedFlag again is just a completely unrealistic exercise when the F-35 haters are about.

I never feared anything while flying the F-22. Without getting into very specific, the Typhoon and Rafale are outclassed by the 22. One Red Flag i participated in, at the end of the exercise our score was 108 to 0. Against everything. That says a lot, because in Flag, it’s about as real as it gets without actually shooting anybody…lol.


And you know this how? :wink:

Something else to keep in mind: the F-22’s airframe life was designed for an airframe life of 8,000 hours. This can be extended, but the F-15X is claimed to be 20,000 hours. That’s a hell of a lot of flying hours for the price paid – if they can deliver it.


Of course he’s going to say that…
I don’t want to lose my pension either…


Case in point:

Video related to the F-15SA, pretty cool:


Based on publicly available info of course :slight_smile:

That extra frame time will be handy for the country they are sent to when F-35 production catches up and replaces them.


You’ll forgive me for doubting the F-35 program office’s claims, given my previous work experience with the DOD.

And I have no doubt the extra hours are directly related to foreign military sales. Boeing ain’t stupid – they know there’s no way to compete with the F-35 train. But a lot of countries are buying F-15s, not to mention others are having doubts about the F-35. Taiwan has recently decided to ask for F-16Vs instead of F-35s, owing to political considerations.




He is retired and technically not a serving officer.

Not saying it is the whole truth but you cant’ refute it with anything either.


You’re, uh, not really familiar with how military officers work, are you?


No need for a missle truck. I mean we already have about triple the number of fighters as any other nation. Even if we got into an attrition air battle (we wouldnt), we could go 1 for 1 on any air force (again we wouldnt) and still come out on top.

All of this is excluding the ability for our navy to use cruise missles to annihilate any and all airbases within the AO.

It’s not a fair fight and never will be. Back to Back World War Champs!!!


You should have no problem disproving the event then really.


Don’t know how accurate this is, but seems close enough. Even if North Korea went full Juche on us, it would be laughable.


Disproving or proving the event is irrelevant. He will be biased, like it or not, toward what the present USAF leadership desires, because higher level military leadership does not like deviation from the norm.

Finally, the heart of the matter! At current and future capabilities, overt military action is a sure way to lose against the vast majority of western interests. Hence why most capability is geared toward irregular warfare, cyber warfare, and subs. All of which are currently very huge weakpoints in the USA.

In the face of this, there’s no need for as many costly aircraft that the USAF desires, especially for Guard and Reserve units.


I’ll agree there, but we still need to stay ahead of the curve as a deterrent. Keep raising the bar technologically. Space Force.


A little more in-depth with what the F-15X could potentially have can be seen with the F-15QA, seen here:

NASA, DARPA, R&D have to be funded, this is critical… But apparently not to much of the DOD. DARPA had been authorized a bunch of money this year, but the DOD dragged their feet on releasing it.


Problem is you are the one publicly calling his integrity into question without anything but your own bias and generalisations which as you say are also irrelevant.


Excellent - maybe F-16Vs instead of F-15s then.


Excuse me? Where have I called his integrity into question? My statement was merely that military leadership generally does not tolerate deviation from the norm. This is both from personal experience and from what has been relayed to me by acquaintances. Further, it’s rather crass of you to leap to that conclusion in an otherwise civilized discussion.

I believe the original plan was in fact to replace the F-15s with F-16C/Ds in Guard units.


That was from USAF sources to replace the F-15Cs with new F-16s at presumably a much lower cost.


I think in the interest of fairness we should say that it was me who did that. And it wasn’t an assault in integrity just an observation that the pilot of the number 1 fighter in the usaf is unlikely to be dismissive of it.