Introducing the F-15X: Would the Air Force Buy a Non 'Stealth' Fighter?



Maybe we need to all take a break and come back to this with clear heads… It might be getting a little too heated in here and would be a shame to put a damper on this discussion by making things personal…


The post was more for the view on Red Flag I guess - which was originally set up post Vietnam to provide almost those first 10 combat missions and training they were not getting - train how you fight. If someone thinks it is no longer doing the goods then it is a pretty expensive waste of time but really need someone who has done them to provide feedback.

I did read they were starting to go digital and integrating virtual into reality into the entire battlespace which would make it pretty interesting.


Nobody is being singled out and I just want to keep it civil in here so the staff don’t get woken up lol.

This is a really fascinating discussion in my view and everyone has made great points. Let’s just disagree with the ideas not the people giving them. :blush::+1:


Are we all ok in here? Reports that people on the internet were being wrong, so I dropped everything to check! :slight_smile:

Anyway, seems an interesting back and forth, but just want to see if exhaustion had set in before it got personal.

I’m still upset I couldn’t get funding for the Quantum Force. You laugh now, but I’ll get the last laugh in my tiny ant man suit.


You’re late. I think the place burned down 30 minutes ago. All that’s left is the hooch.

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I’ve been staring at these trailers for nearly 4 hours now. My bum hurts. I’m out of coffee and the heater only works in 15min bursts…

Of course exhaustion has set in :joy::joy:


On the plus side, you’re not getting shot at, so a sleepy bum is better than a bum with holes in it.

Story time: a former coworker of mine worked on a mil firing range prior to getting office jobs; this was during the post-Iraq invasion, when there was a huge demand for bodies. This range had a younger fellow working there who was an E-4, on his way out. Said fellow had a bit of a problem thinking and moving, so apparently they assigned him to the ranges to cart around ammunition back and forth. In Iraq, he had been driving trucks around, which was a very precarious job, neither glamorous or respected, but badly needed.

While driving in a convoy, this E4 stumbled into an ambush and took an AK round right to his helmet. This would be fine, except that the round hit a screw in the helmet that was subsequently driven into his brain. Clearly a case of critical TBI, right? Well… Not according to the guys above him. After a couple days recovering, due to the dire need for truck drivers, they throw him back into a truck once again to shuffle supplies around Iraq. He then hits an IED that knocks him out cold and the next thing he remembers is being in Germany.

He asked to keep the helmet that took an AK round and saved his life, but his leadership told him no and instead stuck it in the brigade’s trophy box. He was kinda bummed about that, as you can imagine.


If refused the helmet I wonder if he got the screw lol
Poor dude! Worst thing I have to deal with is my empty flask and the fact that the amazon prime video player keeps dropping me out of parks and recreation while I’m waiting for my trailer lol… First World problem at its finest


Knowing MEDCOM (Army doctors), I have doubts they even got the screw out. :grimacing:


So would you say that guy got screwed by the millitary? :smiley:


Excellent work! If I had coffee it would of been exiting my nostrils :joy::joy::+1:


Thanks for taking it down a notch guys. Interesting discussion. Airframe vs. airframe discussions and training vs. reality and what is publicly available vs. what is classified always makes these discussions hard to qualify and quantify.

My only observation is that most often whenever we see video of Chinese or Russian military stuff doing their thing, we get the condensed, approved for dissemination versions. If you exclusively used RU Times videos to make a judgements on how they are doing, they have already fielded @fearlessfrog’s Quantum Force Elite Squadron. The war of propaganda, from other countries, and from within our own Pentagon are very real factors that are really hard to wade through. I don’t doubt the capabilities of our (possible) enemies, but nor do I think they are all they or we drum them up to be. Of course, if our troops lives are on the line, I think you default to the worst case scenario. But you have to be careful you don’t ruin your economy and ignore your population at the same time. All a very, very tricky formula to get right.


Yeah, so what do you think of the F-15X proposal beach? :trolleybus:


Well, after flying the C-101CC a ton this week. I think we should buy 20,000 of them for the same price and send swarms! :wink:

(I actually haven’t had time to read about the -15X proposal. I’m in my usual end of the month article crunch for the magazine…)


There’s Beach pinching pennies again…


Beach may be onto something…



Poor old gatwick…:joy:


Actually, that’s what most of the leaps in tech have been toward. Hence the recent USN autonomous tactical tanker contract, which evolved from the X-47B.

UAS have actually made up a huge chunk of US airpower over the past 17 years.