Introductions Thread

Here’s a thread for any new people to say hello and do intros.

What brings you here and what would you like to see? Go on, post. Practically everyone here but me is nice, you’ll be fine! :slight_smile:


Hello there!
My name is Chilly. I’m a full-time DCS streamer and also am a tester for Eagle Dynamics. My goal is to meet and connect with as many of you wonderful people as possible. I was introduced to Mudspike by Sryan who wrote that fantastic DCS F-15C Combat Guide. :wink:
I love DCS and I love its community. You guys are awesome and I look forward to conversing more with you here and hopefully elsewhere as well. Thank you for covering the Viggen release among the other great articles that have been done. Let’s make it a great year together!

Check out the stream:

Join the Discord full of fellow simmers: The Aviator Crew

Thanks for having me! Also, do you guys have a Discord? :wink:


Hey good to see you here, @Chilly!

We do indeed have a discord! Here’s the link: Discord

Hey Syran, thanks for the link but I think you made the Instant Invite incorrectly. :slight_smile: Should be a button specific that gives you a link more like the one I have.

Well here’s the link to the topic @fearlessfrog created. I took the link from there. Hope you’ll find what you need there.

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Had the link I was looking for. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hey @Chilly, nice knowing you! I think I actually saw some of your stuff. :slight_smile: Nice.
See ya’round!

Like it to become one of us…


Welcome chilly! Please ignore the filthy swing-wing spam. You and I both know that the English Electric Lightning is by far the most magnificent machine to have ever flown. Now let me show you how it all works here! :wink:


Hey @Chilly, unfortunately @TheAlmightySnark ran out of his meds so he misplaced his train of thought.
He meant the Intruder.


Welcome @Chilly ! Yes, listen to what @komemiute says, our love for the Intruder is what connects us here.
Did you know that :a6: was the first custom Mudspike emoticon? Long before :f111: and :f14: .


That’s fine, she’s pretty. :wink:

Hey there! Thanks, I’m looking forward to an exciting year for flight sims. :smiley:

A general question:
If we wanted to add to the Tutorials Section of Mudspike with some instructional content, how might one go about doing that? Hypothetically speaking, of course. :wink:

Shoot @Fearlessfrog, @BeachAV8R or @EinsteinEP a PM. All are nice gents, though I’d start with Einstein, his zest for teachable moments is… strong.

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Geez NB, that’s a little harsh innit?! Is it like Highlander? THERE CAN ONLY BE THREEEEE?!

When you become a comptroller for organizing and publishing Mudspike articles I’ll name drop you too, you goober.

Fine, who do I take out to get the job?! :wink:

Give me your mudspike mug and i will tell you