Is It Too Early To Talk About The 2022 Holiday Flight

Seems like we began this discussion about this time last year.



It’s never too early.

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Yes. I’ve always been a lurker and never a successful participant. But I enjoyed the lurking. A certain someone always played a leading role and often picked the destination. While he continues his break, someone else has very big Santa shoes to fill.


Those are some big shoes!

Any suggestions? We went Southern/Western hemisphere last time. Northern Eastern?

Or are we being anti-equatorial? :grin:

Around the world?

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You, sir, are an out of the box thinker! :saluting_face:

Love it!


Why don’t we all go see our fearless and missing leader…

Start where you want, end at chris’ local airport in tribute to us missing his presence


A little recup of the past Christmas flights:

  • 2015: No official destination
  • 2016: “as far as you can” … “preferably somewhere of the continent of Antarctica”
  • 2017: Christmas Island YPXM, Australia
  • 2018: Pago Pago NSTU, American Samoa
  • 2019: Casco Cove Coast Guard station PAAT, Aleutian Island chain
  • 2020: Cape Town FACT, South Africa
  • 2021: Port Stanley SFAL, Falkland Islands



We haven’t been in Asia a whole lot so I’d like to suggest the Maledives. There are two interesting options, both North and South of the equator.

  1. Velana International Airport ICAO: VRMM

  2. Gan International Airport. ICAO: VRMG

I think I’d prefer #2.

European Mudspikers can fly via Eastern Europe and the Middle East, or even do a small detour over India. Or they can go a bit South and check out northern and eastern Africa.

Australians and New Zealanders can go island hopping in Indonesia.

For our North American folks: you can choose between flying east or west depending on where you are and what you like. So it is either to Europe and the Middle East or via Alaska, Japan, Southeast Asia.

South Americans can fly over Africa.

Edit: and I’d be happy with @Victork2 's idea as well.


I’m glad this conversation has started! :blush: Looking forward to participating.

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I think @Victork2 has a great idea!

Although I might need to go the long way around.

Or start on the 24th. :joy:


Or go to the North Pole and pick up @BeachAV8R ’s X-mas present first… :wink:


I never gave a thought to how short that flight may be for the American contingent

Sorry lol bad plan


Not bad at all if you add in the challenge of picking up a little something from either some exotic locale or the North pole itself!


How about participants list their closest home bases and we then draw it, similar to secret Santa type draw’s.

The AAR’s could then have the added fun of people trying to guess where you are going.


Not at all! I love this plan. The beauty of Mudspike is that anywhere is going to be close to someone!

Great minds think alike! Well, two great minds…and me. :wink:


I disagree, the short flight could actually cause me to join in this year. I don’t have the time or the interest to sit in virtual flight for days at a time.


I am waiting anxiously for X-Plane 12 to drop. Hopefully it is soon because I always fall behind on these :slight_smile:

I like the idea of heading to Charlotte, North Carolina to have a virtual visit with Beach. Now the question is … where do I fly from. Maybe the Maldives? To split the difference on those two excellent suggestions?

I don’t think that anyone is going to look sideways at someone who takes a shorter flight. Heck, I have only ever completed one of these. I start most but give up part way through. :slight_smile:

I do tent toward General Aviation planes, so that might be a distance challenge. I’d also like to do a helicopter challenge some time … and that’s even slower :slight_smile:


A shorter trek wouldn’t be a bad thing for me this year tbh. :+1: