Is your DCS launch checklist getting a little long?

I know that mine is. After flying @MBot’s new Screaming Eagle campaign mission 1 last night, I was really interested if what I remembered from the mission jived with the Tacview output. Then I realized that no ACMI file was generated because chipwich neglected to launch Tacview prior to DCS. That motivated me to create yet another checklist.


  • Launch Tacview

  • Launch TrackIR or Oculus

  • Launch Voice Attack and check profile

  • Launch TARGET and profile

  • Launch DCS Updater GUI Utility by Skate Zilla

Optional: media capture software, cold beer, etc


I have that problem with elite…

launch trackir
launch voice attack
launch teamspeak
launch edmarketconnector
launch elite

also beer

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I didn’t know that the new TacView required being launched before DCS! Might explain why I did not get an ACMI after @near_blind and I did mission #1 of @MBot’s campaign!


  • Launch Tacview;
  • Launch TeamSpeak;
  • Launch CHProducts Manager;
  • Launch TrackIR;
  • Make sure I have my tablet for the Chuck Guides!
  • Launch DCS Updater;

I just position the icon’s from top to bottom, with the horizontal axis being optional things(OBS, Foxy VS TARGET).


I start only Voice Attack for Elite and just say:
Commander on deck!

And it launches all of the necessary stuff…
I still didn’t manage to have it to fetch food and/or beverages but I’m working on it.

Really though, with a little little bit of basic programming Voice Attack basically do all for you.

And still easier than programming a VCR…


Launch my Puter
Launch VoiceAttack (which I am still setting up)
Update Nightly Trunk version of DCS
Launch Roblox because the little on wants to play Roblox now
Launch Superhero Tycoon
Pwn some little kids at Superhero Tycoon
Launch DCS Nightly Trunk
Escort B-17s to bomb Caen
Show my daughter me bombing Caen, report to Wags that I broke my NDA by showing my Daughter Normandy


I have written a little batch file called preflight.bat which launches everything and even activates the correct controller profiles depending on the sim/plane I choose.

Btw: DCS Updater is launched automatically when you launch DCS World.

Launch man-cave kiss at the missus,
Launch kids out of man-cave
Launch bottle opener at beer bottle
Launch window open due to previous nights curry
Launch a tantrum as i realise track IR was started after the the sim application.


Sorry. I should have typed DCS Updater GUI Utility by Skate Zilla.

This NEEDS to stop being a thing…
Elite manages to recognize it AFTER it starts, so everyone can!


X-plane 10 also can recognize it after the sim has started!

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Since I can’t reach out through the interweb and slap you, could you do me the favour of asking someone in your presence of doing it for me?

:wave: (in lieu of a slap icon)



Since when? I haven’t flown in a while but that never worked for me…

Pretty much since, forever? I just start X-plane, then TIR, then checkmark the USE TRACK IR box in settings.

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Wow. That def never worked for me. If I didn’t start tir first it would not work in x-plane 10

MiRage can you share your bat file so I can modify it for my needs?

Bat files must be confined to the bat cave.


I know the way there!


Holy command line. I will see what I can do when I’m at my sim machine.

DCS can recognize devices being plugged in, at least when you’re in the menu (dunno about the sim itself, but since the process is the same, i would hazard to say it should work there too). They added that a few months back.

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