Jetborne Racing (VR)

From the creator of VTOL VR
Let the underground Mudspike air racing begin…

Put your flight skills to the test in the online multiplayer air racing game from the creator of VTOL VR. Pilot a high performance jet through challenging courses in a race to the finish. Fly in VR or on desktop with either virtual or physical HOTAS. Do you have what it takes for a podium position?


This could be fun!


Oh my goodness I am going to SUCK at that. Cannot wait!! Its gonna be amazing!!!


Oh nice! I think Paolo is using this project to practice his multiplayer coding for VTOL. :+1:

Count me in for some racing!


That would be great…!

I can’t believe someone remembered NGEN Racing for the PSX!

I get true Slipstream 5000 vibes here!


Oh noice! Only $11.50 CAD on Steam …

I know what I’ll be trying tonight.

Remember by supporting this title you’re supporting Paulo E’s efforts to get native multiplayer and possibly physical hotas use implemented in VTOL VR!

If you see me on Discord tonight, I’ll be there to race.


The most incredibly difficult racing I’ve ever encountered. Boundless Dynamics has yet ANOTHER winner here!!!

Your worst enemy is negative and positive G forces so deal with them accordingly and WATCH YOUR VELOCITY VECTOR!

Here’s me just trying to get through a lap against my ghost on a beginner track … and it wasn’t easy …

I didn’t even use VR!!! I was using a Saitek X52 Pro joystick, Saitek rudder pedals and a Thrustmaster Warthog throttle.

The kicker is that Jetborne has TrackIR support right out of the box! Take a lesson “World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator”! (crap simulator)


Looks fun!
I guess you need to mind the speed in the turns, or black out, too?

Did my test runs on the beginner track last night, this is going to be great! Look forward to loosing to you guys! Glad this is going to help get MP into VTOLVR!


Pretty much gotta echo Rmooney above me, this has potential to be a lot of fun, hope to meet up with you guys soon. Some fast and tight racing could be a lot of fun.

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100% you can black and red out if not careful.


I’ll be on Mudspike Discord from 8PM EDT tonight (Saturday) if anyone wants to F around. :slight_smile:

I’m too new right now to run on public servers.

No VR necessary, and you can use any of your controllers and even TrackIR (haven’t tried TrackIR yet).

Yes. I’m guessing the fastest players are going to be the ones that learn to ride the edge of blacking out.

Conversely, just try an advanced track like “Infrastructure”. Slow, slow, slow and advanced piloting.

I guarantee this racing sim will make you a better aviator! :smiley:

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Anyone getting massive frame rate drops during full races? Seems like when someone crashes.

The only wonky framerate bug I noticed was when trying to push the push to talk key. Grinded it to a halt. I haven’t been brave enough to join a full public race though. :slight_smile:

Anyway, try it again. There have been two patches released today alone and another two since this game was released a few days ago. (currently on version 1.0.4) Paolo is on it and I’m sure he’s learning a lot for multiplayer implementation in VTOL VR.


Well whatever it was it seems to be gone now. Hopefully it was one of those patches.

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