Joystick extension?

Well I have sorted out the monitor, chosen the Reverb G2 and now looking to improve my HOTAS. So lucky to have a helpful wife who was aircrew. After that it will be the chair.

How good are joystick extensions please? It will be for a Logitech x56


Well you’ve picked a fine stick. I am no help beyond that comment.

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Don’t think there is anything pre-made sadly, but there is a bit of diy solutions

I saw on the DCS that someone had purchased a complete extension on Ebay, but didn’t look like there were any anymore

Edit: found the Ebay seller!

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Welcome Soop!
If you are asking how well does an extension work, then the answer is very well. The longer throw gives a more precise input. If your X56 has additional springs, you will need them. A longer stick(extended) will require more tension.
As far as what is out there for the X56 in extensions? I’m not sure anyone makes one. You’ll have to DIY one.


That’s exactly what I am looking at. I didn’t make the question clear. is an extension worth it? I imagine that it makes finer control adjustments possible, but I have never used one yet.

Thank you. That’s what I imagined. At the moment I have the weakest spring fitted, but have two stronger ones as well.

Right. When you extend it, it will be too weak. Maybe even flops around. So then you’ll move to the Med. Try it for a day then go to the Hard.
While we are on the subject of “mods”. I flew too long with a side stick. Getting a set of hotas mounts will be extremely rewarding.

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Exactly right sir, the taller the stick, the easier it becomes to make minute adjustments. It makes a huge difference in the amount of control you have over your machine.

Almost as important is placement of the stick. Between the knees is the natural position, and for a good reason. It’s the most ergonomic way.

So there you have it. Nothing improves ones enjoyment of flight simulation like a long,stiff and tall stick between the knees :rofl: Good luck with your stick enhancements!



the extension size too is important!
you have to first figure were you’ll put the joy and then how long you want the extension! check also the range of motion. i.e a too long extension could hit the desk… etc


Get a j-pein hotas mount if you like it. Mount the stick first then add an extension. I discourage you from using an extension then putting the stick on a desk. Very awkward.

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Almost as awkward as discussing it :stuck_out_tongue:


Something else to consider if you go with a centrally mounted option is that you need to be able to rotate the grip a little to the left (anti-clockwise) if you want it to be comfortable. Obviously, the longer the extension, the lower you have to mount the stick. There are several good desk mounts that work well for this. @Maico already mentioned the J-Pein mount:

Personally I’m partial to the MonsterTech solution:

Foxx Mounts are similar, and then Virpil and VKB each have their own solutions too.

When I was getting into amateur astronomy, the advice when buying a telescope setup was ‘don’t skimp on the mount’ and I would give the same advice here as well.


With thanks to all for the advice. Now to decide on the curves. 0 seems to work.


Wow! Nice job mister! Does it fly as good as I think it does?

I think so. Only had two very brief goes but was able to land on the carrier, better I think than before. I am only firing on one cylinder just now so packed up quickly. My immediate impression was that it was actually like flying the King Air. I wont compare it with the higher speed Saab because that was cable controls in the wings and a fly by wire tail - it felt a little odd. I shall turn VicktorK2 loose with it soon. We are both unwell just now. This certainly cheered me up. Now, what to do with the throttle? B2 may have a desk clamp I can acquire or I may go for a chair mount. I need the stick far enough back for full pitch control, but that leaves me stretching to reach the throttle. Not good.


The 3d print is what I ended up getting. 40cm extension

Ohnoes! Get better you two, ye hear?

I found a box or crate of some kind is best to mount the throttle next to your chair.

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My wife is laughing at your comment. I have been using such experiments as a footstool and a varying sized pile of books to mount the joystick. Even a large cable drum (without cable). Turned sideways it fitted one side above my legs, the other below and the joystick, cable tied to the top. She anticipates a similar story now with the throttle. This was me borrowing Victors Rift


I’ve had my Cougar extended up from the floor to chair level. It flies exactly as good as you think it does. Had a friend try it that flies helicopter and he was in love saying ‘THIS IS HOW HELICOPTERS FEEL LIKE!’. So yeah, totally worth it!

The only downside is the slight imbalance in the handgrip weight wise, the long throw now creates enough of a arm to constantly tilt slightly to the left so if I let go of the controls it would just do a constant nose-down barrel roll.

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I know, I currently rock a virpil stick extended by 30cm with warthog handle. It manages to stay centered, but barely.

If there’s a way to increase resistance fourfold, I’d love to know it.

The dream is of course dynamic resistance and force feedback. Feel the Mach freeze your MiG’s tailplane. Wrestle desperately to get that jug out of its dive.

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