Just Flight Hawk (X-Plane) VR Teleport Mod

Too specific for a thread? I guess. The problem: The Hawk has two seats with no way to easily get to the back seat without spending a bunch of time slewing. And any further move or centering action places you back up front seat where you must do it all over. What is supposed to be the VR solution: The dev is supposed to place a hotspot so that it can be reached from the front pit. It’s there. Way behind your right shoulder. The problem is that it sticks you in the middle of the right wing root, not the rear pit. My solution: Spend two hours buggering with the vrconfig.txt to make the process easier.

This mod moves the back seat hotspot to a point to the left of, forward and below the front seat canopy so that one can easily hit the hotspot with the teleport line while still facing forward. To get back up front just hit the default button on the left VR controller. I made no other changes to the file. As always, backup your original JF_Hawk_T1_vrconfig.txt. This is for version 1.1 (October 2018).

JF_Hawk_T1_vrconfig.txt (7.1 KB)

If downloading a replacement file isn’t your cup of tea, you can make the following modification yourself beginning at Line 18:

AABB -1.8 0.0 -5.5 -0.8 0.5 -4.5
PRESET_XYZ 0 1.0454 -1.43

To find the hotspot from the front seat, aim the blue line outside just below the canopy rail and forward of the bow. It is about a meter in diameter so a little waving of your wand should find it easily enough. Be sure to be looking through the HUD before releasing the teleport.


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Hash tag I got it! Thanks fearless!

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BTW, I brought this up with a guy from x-plane.org who I believe is either one of the devs or claims to represent them there. He said that the error was theirs. They had the proper VR config in their internal version but forgot to include it when they released 1.1. He posted the correct version here: (I have not tried it.)

Hawk Forum, X-Plane.org

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Ha, this sounds familiar to what @jenrick wrote in the other thread :slight_smile:

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