Kai Bear’s first flight..! 🐻

Let the journey begin. His first ever flight sim flight on his new PC. This was quick and dirty…barely got the computer set up and no controller assignments or anything. He made Daddy proud…


Thats lovely Chris, I’m so pleased for you. What a great thing to share together

Great stuff… Well done Kai!

As a father, I’m really happy for you Chris!
And I’ll be really happy for Kai - until he can arial refuel…

Good job! Time to teach him about all the lame Top Gun memes!

How’s he reaching all the buttons and switches on the stick. Still a HOTAS though. Hands OFF Throttle and Stick, to reach them.

Next you need to teach him how to do a full roll on takeoff. :wink:


The little guy is up! Great job Kai!!!

All good, just skip the half naked, oiled up, beach-volleyball.


Congrats, Kai!

excited top gun GIF by Bodybuilding.com

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Congrats for the Kai and thanks for sharing!
Pretty nice!

That was a pretty good first landing. Way to go!

Exactly. I think at my first landing I did not hit the runway. Or maybe I did HIT the runway…?

Look how quickly they learn. Gentle gentle sunk right on in. You’re a great coach and dad beach! Bravo zulu to all involved! Buy that kid a wings pin!


That one turn there…I think he needs a fighter plane:

I mean, you did watch the DCS 2021 and Beyond video as a family on a big-screen TV right?! :sweat_smile:

Always remember - the straight winged A-10C is a very approachable entry to modern combat aircraft! :salute:


It will teach the basics of AoA very quickly :smiley:


He did this without any practice? That’s exceptional!



Although missed opportunity to start him, like all of us, on a $20 all-in-one joystick. He must live without the hotas, to truly appreciate the hotas.


Just watched it again. Was struck by how, in all the years past, the trailers got the juices flowing so much. Only to be slightly underwhelmed with the actual product, on the 2D screen. Never stopped me from playing and enjoying of course. Was all there was. VR changed that, for me.

If/when the resolution and FOV get there there will be zero let down. In fact it’ll likely be even better than the trailers. Now to find the gear to run it all.

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