Launching DCS in Non-VR mode

Today I learned how to add a command line to the DCS shortcut to disable VR mode. Sometimes you just want to go in and mess with the editor and not necessarily want to fool with VR.

Just add --force_disable_VR to the end of the shortcut. Now you can have a 2D shortcut and a VR shortcut.


Now I’m searching for a command line that will change MSAA to x4 for my 2D shortcut. I leave all the other settings the same for 2D mode, but MSAA is basically a deal breaker in VR.

Check out this

I think it is brilliant


I also use our friend @SkateZilla’s tool (really appreciated!) especially since I use VR.

What would be perfect is if DCSW would allow for two different graphics configuration files or any means to just switch between two files. I am a lazy person so I often use my VR settings (low textures, clutter off and so on) even when flying DCSW in 2D, just because it is a hassle to click through the video settings page.

@SkateZilla, do you think your tool could do that? Is that a single file that we could swap out or something?


It already does that and has for a while now

(Switchable presets)


Version im testing can read CFG and LUA JSON and import data to the app.

Im working on interface to write the files, then the interface to edit config files, so you’ll be able to edit the presets without launching DCS.

Just havent decided if I want the Preset Editor to be part of the app or separate exe.


Hey @SkateZilla, not to hijack a thread, but doe your app still read the alternate ‘saved games’ folders? When I change joystick configs, I only ever see the changes in the main ‘saved games’ locations and not what I have set in the App Settings → Folders Paths and Build Configuration section.

Wait, what??? I missed that. Sorry!

sounds great!

I too use Skate’s updater to launch. @PaulRix wrote an excellent video switcher for DCS, which does what @Gunnyhighway requested. It still works, but I find that occasionally I get some wonkiness if I don’t update the profiles after a DCS update.

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it only sees the folders you set in the app

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Hmmm…think I’ll try force_disable_Viggen_Crash…nope didn’t work.


Skatezillas app is a must have. FO SHO! I use it to open in non VR when editing missions or adding skins, ECT.