Mine wont arrive until July…

Meanwhile I found the old Lego catalogs from 1988-1995 online. Ah the memories :slight_smile: I decided to free up some display space and dig out, clean and build some of my old sets. M:Tron, Blacktron, Pirates, Castle and some nice Technic pieces.


Oh that’s quite some delivery time. They seem to follow a Scandinavia first policy :smiley:

This is the largest set which I had:

I can still remember that Christmas eve and the next day it took me to assemble…


I wish!
It was out in France and Austria, where the designers live, before it became available in the official LEGO shop.
Walmarts in the US even started selling before the official release date!
Mine has arrived in town. Will hopefully get it tomorrow… :slight_smile:



I had that too :slight_smile:


Never had any technic stuff, but this is the largest set I’ve put together to date.


It has arrived…!
Father and daughter are anxious to start building.


Oh wow! That’ll be so exciting to build!


I too have that one! Almost complete even! re-build it two years ago, what a ton of fun! Although the turning circle is ridiculously wide unfortunately.


Seen this? Love these. Enjoy your build.


I did!
Savage makes it fun watching others build LEGO! :wink:


Savage makes everything fun! I love putting his video’s on when messing about in my own little workshop of horrors :wink:


Just got an email notification this morning that the set was available again via Amazon, albeit in very limited quantities. Managed to snag one, then they sold out again by the time I finished my order.


I got a notification that delivery of my Saturn V got delayed further.

Meanwhile I retrieved my old Lego sets from the basement and started to “process” them: Break down to individual pieces, clean and reasemble. So much fun (well, not the cleaning). Got to take some pictures this weekend. I am amazed by the quality of Lego, something I couldn’t really appreciate when I was a kid. Even after over 25 years, the pieces still work and look great. I am having a great time.

So much actually that I went ahead and ordered the 42042 Crawler Crane:

My biggest problem is actually where to put all this stuff. I can probably free up enough space to display 2-3 nice sets, the rest I have to pack up again and store in the basement.


THIS! I would still be buying Lego if I had a place for them but every time I complete something I look around and think “uh oh…”


My second bedroom, which will be the home office, I’m pretty sure we’ll also be for Lego displays. Along with the Obutto. Easier to hide from…guests.


This is why I love mudspike. It’s proof for the girl friend that I’m a perfectly sane person :grin:


Welp…now where know where to find the bodies…!


About a year and a half ago my parents sorted out and rebuild(with some help :wink: ) all mine and my brothers lego, oh what fun we had!


My parents have told me they’re holding my old Legos hostage until they get grandkids.




Various Technic





It’s a lot of fun :slight_smile:

My complete Technic collection.

Pirates are next…