Holy crap! That vintage Magnetron and Blacktron!


I’ve gotten into collecting the Speed Champions series.


And finally, Pirates!

This concludes my little Lego restoration project. I also did have a rather large collection of Lego City sets, but unfortunately do not have access anymore.


Ooh, I had the smaller pirate ship - that one was fun, and the mast pieces made great laser cannons for large starships.

My Saturn V is here!!


Damn… Another must have LEGO.


Wow the detail on that is awesome!


My Saturn V has arrived and I put it together this afternoon. What an amazing set. The completed rocket is huge and looks fantastic. The packaging and the instructions are also very classy. The whole thing has a collectors feeling to it.

I was also impressed by the building techniques used in the internal structures. This has changed quite a bit since my youth, probably half of the pieces I have seen for the first time. Some of the building is so fancy I have thought multiple times throughout the built: “oh come on Lego, now you are just showing off”. But a while later you would put some elements together and the exotic structures suddenly fall into place. Still, I think they made some extra pirouettes in places where a couple of simple bricks would have done it as well, probably to get to the magic 1969 pieces count.

This is the most impressive commercial Lego set I have ever seen. A great tribute to what I think is the most amazing machine ever constructed by mankind.



Pics man! We need pictures lol



I had so many of those exact sets!


It’s true to life! You fly it and it will lose pieces! :smiley:




I managed to get a Saturn V set from a guy who sold it (sealed box). Had to drive 60km to get it and spend 40€ more than in the shop. But I had to get it.
I surprised my brother with it and we will build it together when we meet at the coming weekends.
We put together the first stage today.


ah… yes but you will find it at 1am in the morning in a dark room with bare feet … there is no pain like treading on a lego …with the possible exception of treading on an upturned electric plug :fearful:


I want one but they are all sold out :frowning:


Lego will keep on producing the Saturn V’s until 2018. They’ve said that they expect to have it back in stock from mid august.




I’m hoping to start building mine this week. Just need to find From the Earth to the Moon or Apollo 13 to watch while doing it.


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