Just got back from a couple days of camping with the family, and this was waiting on the doorstep:


That is a massive set. And pretty good build and model appearance IMO. Unfortunately, I’d have nowhere to display it!


I may or may not have ordered one without considering that… :grimacing:


ahaha same thing happened here. How could that happen?!



Lol is that a phalanx point defence weapon? It is, isn’t it?


@schurem For all your lego point defence requirements! :smile:

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Classic Space LEGO collection status.

I now have 85 of the Classic Space sets that I want.

I also have at least 50 other LEGOLAND, TOWN and other sets, including 3 different Space Shuttles. To that comes a number of Star Wars sets.

This does not include the MOC’s and Idea Book inspired builds.

(Note to self! Take some pics of the current collection!)

I have revised the wishlist and are going to put 5 Futuron sets and the 3x 10497 sets on the maybe later list. I don’t really have room for them at this time.

That leave the last 3 Classic Space sets to get and the last pieces to scrape together for 3 Futuron sets.
I also want the 10029 Moon Lander and there are still some Idea book builds that I want to try to build. I will also look into what else I can build with the bricks I have left.

The bricks that I have left.

Happy Building!


Holy :poop:!


It is worse than that! :sunglasses:

I have 25 CS sets from my Childhood collection. At first I intended to let that stay with my parents.

I have bought 76 CS sets and have 23 Doubles and 10 Triplets.

The Triplets are because they where in fairly cheap collections with other sets that i needed.

26 CS sets have been scraped together from parts, some of which are from the Doubles and Triplets.

Some of those parts have also been used for the MOC’s and Idea Book inspired builds.

To that comes all of the individual bricks bought on Bricklink and other places.

Just a little sample

I have also gotten some bags of bricks from different local sources.

A couple of bigger samples

The worst part is washing and especially drying them off after.

I have a lot of excess bricks.

Happy Building!


I just saw this.

I hope that it was tears of joy!


Yes. They absolutely were. :pleading_face:

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I have just build the wonderful USS Arizona by Cobi. These ships are just so nice models

On this occasion I would also like to show you my USS West Virginia, which I built last year. This is completely my own design and scratch built.

West Virginia has a very interesting history. She was originally commissioned in 1923 as a standard-type battleship for the US battle fleet. In Pearl Harbor she was sunk by Japanese carrier aircraft, signifying the transition from the battleship to the aircraft carrier era. West Virginia was raised, repaired and extensively modernized. The hull was significantly widened with the addition of huge bulges, the superstructure was completely rebuilt and a very heavy AA-battery was added. In 1944 she entered service again and participated in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. There she sunk the Japanese battleship Yamashiro, striking the target with her first salvo. This was the last battleship-on-battleship engagement in history, where West Virginia despite the changes in naval warfare, ultimately fulfilled the purpose for which she was originally built.

Here is a very nice comparison between USS Arizona and West Virginia. Both were standard-type battleship and initially very similar, but West Virginia shows the extent of her modifications. Arizona never had the chance to get them due to her complete destruction at Pearl Harbor.

Comparison of West Virginia with Missouri, the pinnacle of battleship design.

And West Virginia with Yamato, her natural foe. The Yamato was specifically designed to kill the US standard-type battleships.


Beautiful models!
Is West Virginia just LEGO parts, or did you use COBI parts with it?

Its actually 100% Cobi parts. Cobi has a multitude of slope angles which Lego hasn’t, without these hull forms would not be possible. The baseline parts were actually a second purchase of a Missouri, with more parts coming from cheap purchases of a Cobi Belfast an another Cobi Enterprise. At the end I had to order a couple dozen missing pieces individually.

In the meantime I have actually got a 3rd Enterprise to strip for parts. Just $85 for 2500 pieces (great pieces, high quality, useful colors) I couldn’t pass :slight_smile:

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Really! Impressive.

Yeah, I noticed when I built the Gripen E…
I notice they used more special parts, made specifically for that kit, than LEGO. Is that the case for the ship kits as well?

The Cobi aircraft have a lot of large, single-use special parts. It’s too much for me actually, therefore I don’t get any Cobi aircraft. The ships I do not consider to have a lot of special parts. Sure Cobi has a ton of parts that Lego hasn’t but I do not consider them special. Within the Cobi world they are just regular parts of their own extended build system. The single nose piece of the Cobi A-10 you can only ever use for an A-10, but the non-Lego-standard bricks from the ships you can use to build any other ship (or anything else for that matter). So I think that is fully in the spirit of the brick building idea.

I think the only true special parts of the ships are some of the secondary guns. Missouri has specific pieces for the dual 5-in guns (which fitted perfectly for the West Virginia as well).

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Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of those special parts either, but I just had to get the Gripen…and the Top Gun Aircraft! :wink:
I wish LEGO did military sets.

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Rarely they did, like the Camel (ww1 fighter)
I have one built.