LittleNavMap with FS2020

I tried to use Little Navmap today. And guess what? It works! Plan a flight, connecting to fs2020 and importing the flight. I tried it with the BTM and AP nav mode followed my flight plan very nicely!


Might need FSX SP2 SimConnect , not sure: Index of /downloads/SimConnect

Connect for live following your and AI planes “Connect directly to local X-plane simulation”

To import a .pln flightplan just press “Space” in the world map of fs2020.

Check this discusion: LNM and Microsoft FS2020 - Page 2 - Little Navmap | Little Navconnect | Little Logbook Support Forum - The AVSIM Community


I’ve never used Little Navmap but you’re right … it works! You do need that SimConnect you mentioned installed though. I tried LNM just with Pete Dowson’s FSUPIC7 beta but no joy.

I really like these “side apps” running on a different monitor because Asobo’s Full Screen display implementation is the best I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t lock your cursor to the main screen so you can cursor around to other apps on different monitors while you’re flying and it doesn’t affect framerate. That’s the problem with just undocking the FS2020 VFR Map and dragging it to another screen … it WILL negatively impact framerate.

I actually tried using the SimConnect link you mentioned with another favorite of mine called Pilot2ATC but unfortunately it didn’t work. You have to use the FSUIPC7 beta for that one.


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There is an update coming ‘soon’ that will make it somewhat better. I really like LNM.

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How can I set up LNM so it basically resembles the same Navdata MSFS uses for its in-game planner? Does that even make sense?

Edit: Like this?

I just have it using the MFS 2020 data as you have in the image above. Not sure if I am doing it wrong, however.

Theory vs. practical experience:

I was flying the CJ4 with working title mod. The plane flew this course until 2 miles before touchdown, which is when I switched off the autopilot and landed manually.

I can’t figure out why the AP would

a) pass waypoint APSOG, then turn around to pass it again?
b) completely miss the approach fix URAKI by 5 miles

Maybe I’ll try this again in another plane.

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This is good info:

Not sure how it relates to the real world. Maybe not at all.

Hey guys, I had a pretty scary thing happen over the Memorial Day with Little Navmap. I don’t want to raise some unnecessary concern, but rather just report what happened and hoping that @fearlessfrog or another member might shed light on this before shooting up flares. While I was on vacation this past weekend, I left Little Navmap running probably since Thursday night’s Lewis and Clark leg. We went to the beach for the weekend and when we got home tonight, after the car was unpacked and the kids put to bed, I sat down at my PC to check on some investments. I’ve begun dabbling in crypto lately and went to see how they were doing. I could not reach any crypto sites. Not, coinbase, or any other sites which cover crypto. I began normal troubleshooting, checked my hosts file, checked DNS server settings, scanned for malware. I could ping the sites but not reach them with a browser. Next, I shut down my windows firewall temporarily, looked at our firewall’s logs, and then check connectivity on my work laptop, which worked fine. So this isolated the problem to my gaming rig. Mudspike and any other web site worked fine, just not reach crypto exchanges or wallets.

Then I began shutting down running processes and when I got to Little Navmap, I could reach crypto sites again. I worry that there might be a trojan embedded. Thoughts gentlemen?

Edit: don’t think that the irony of the situation escaped me. I’m just too concerned right now to chuckle.

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That sounds an odd one - I wonder what the advantage would be to stopping you from browsing a site? Things I would try:

  • Is this just a single browser (say Chrome) related - do other browsers work? There are a lot of bad browser extensions out there that self-update, so a good thing to check. chrome://extensions/ on Chrome to see if you don’t recognize any.

  • What do you get with a windows cmd.exe nslookup just to see if this is a DNS level thing.

    Non-authoritative answer:
    Addresses: 2606:4700::6812:703a

  • If you get a lookup on the above, if you do a ipconfig /flushdns with an Admin cmd.exe does it change?

LittleNavMap is open source, so it makes a really odd vector for something like this. My guess is something coincidental? If you run LittleNavMap again then does it still deny access to browse those sites?

A look in the tools source code really only shows connectivity for remote use, so you run a simconnect connector on a different computer. Are any of your settings on this set, which is the nearest I can find for issues of it acting like a server?

I tried Chrome, Edge, and Brave. None worked, but I suppose that they all have the same underlying code. Should have tried Firefox.

Will try that if it happens again.

Did this without success.

Yeah, I thought so too. I did check that the download site was

OK, ran Little Navmap and crypto sites were not blocked. The strange that is that when this was going on, any site related to crypto were being filtered. I never go to coinbase, due to their high fees, but that was blocked too. And just for kicks, I checked, which doesn’t have crypto in the URL, but is a mining pool site. Blocked.

I have a cold wallet ordered. Will sleep better when that thing is up and running.

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A few of these sites (actually nearly all of them) like all use CDNs like Cloudflare. Cloudflare as a pretty extensive firewall, and can pick people for seemingly random reasons. If I do a curl on I get this:

curl -I
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2021 03:32:40 GMT
Content-Type: text/html
Connection: keep-alive
Last-Modified: Fri, 28 May 2021 08:38:55 GMT
Vary: Accept-Encoding
X-Cache: RefreshHit from cloudfront
Via: 1.1 (CloudFront)
X-Amz-Cf-Pop: YVR50-C1
X-Amz-Cf-Id: XyMTpJ_sO5ekhonNOvnweP_5qhxbNGtVvTiWKrdmY2sHpZ1B5pAVrw==
CF-Cache-Status: DYNAMIC
cf-request-id: 0a673a80930000091f6ca56000000001
Expect-CT: max-age=604800, report-uri=""
Set-Cookie: __cf_bm=2c906ee4f2ba08b48e17cadf380d647fd3731556-1622518360-1800-AYicyrLTdkcsnH/HMNeT5FIqnPRbPNySILfRd2FBz7ESSGJZouhlA7guWNKi75yu0ZIqwGeSYfaFb+H5CFolJyM=; path=/; expires=Tue, 01-Jun-21 04:02:40 GMT;; HttpOnly; Secure; SameSite=None
Server: cloudflare
CF-RAY: 658560474b5b091f-SEA

That tells me it’s hosted on Amazon, with Cloudfront as the CDN and Cloudflare as the WAF and DNS pass through.

I say this because Cloudflare sites can also block you from accessing. They don’t need to report a reason, just a block. If cloudflare doesn’t like your IP and fingerprint of your browser then it can be hard to find out why you can’t talk to it.

Next time, try a curl -I https:\\ and let us know what it says. It’ll help determine if it’s something local or remote.

A cold wallet is a really good idea. :slight_smile:

The rendering libraries are the same rendering engine (Blink) but the underneath comm parts are different enough now. Chrome extensions are a mess, in that I could upload malware.exe and put it on the Chrome store and they’d probably accept it.

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Man, that is awesome info. I really have been out of tech for too long running the brewery. Thanks!

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I’ve been in tech too long that I wish I ran a brewery! :slight_smile:

Only other thing I can think of if it happens is to alter your DNS away from ISP default and see if it helps - ISPs can do some weird things with DNS, so maybe they were A / B testing some sort of ‘stop people making money’ thing accidently. :slight_smile:

Or the Google one at / is fine too.

I’ve got a neighbor that changed his kids PCs to this, but I’m thinking all it does is teaches a kid how to alter DNS providers… :wink:

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More good info, thanks. I’ve been meaning to switch my home network’s DNS provider to Cloudflare. Nothing like messing with one’s retirement to motivate a lethargic admin :smiley:

It has it’s good moments socially for sure, but as a business I’m beginning to appreciate the agility and low overhead of consulting over manufacturing. We need to debate this over an adult beverage anyway. One day.

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LittleNavMap ‘recently’ (I don’t really know when) added a small webserver to it’s code to allow exporting the display to something that could be imported into flight sims and in VR. Not sure if this would possibly grab access to something that it shouldn’t?

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I’m just downloading LittleNavMap for the first time - I know I should have done it a long time ago! Looking forward to learning to use it…and I don’t have crypto to worry about on my PC :smiley:

Just downloading the global elevation tiles data, as the program recommends.


I like it a lot.
It looks a bit crowded with functions on first glance, but at least its basic functions are pretty easy to use.


Since when did LittleNavMap become NotSoLittleNavMap?! :wink: I’m guessing many years ago.


Your wee Xmas hat reminded me we should put up some Xmas decorations. You now have two hats (if you use the default Mudspike Dark ish theme…). Everyone else please refresh to see the lights… :santa:

Aw, my wee hat is way better :frowning: It’s all good tho. :wink: Love the Christmas lights and stuff!

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