LittleNavMap with FS2020

I tried to use Little Navmap today. And guess what? It works! Plan a flight, connecting to fs2020 and importing the flight. I tried it with the BTM and AP nav mode followed my flight plan very nicely!


Might need FSX SP2 SimConnect , not sure:

Connect for live following your and AI planes “Connect directly to local X-plane simulation”

To import a .pln flightplan just press “Space” in the world map of fs2020.

Check this discusion:


I’ve never used Little Navmap but you’re right … it works! You do need that SimConnect you mentioned installed though. I tried LNM just with Pete Dowson’s FSUPIC7 beta but no joy.

I really like these “side apps” running on a different monitor because Asobo’s Full Screen display implementation is the best I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t lock your cursor to the main screen so you can cursor around to other apps on different monitors while you’re flying and it doesn’t affect framerate. That’s the problem with just undocking the FS2020 VFR Map and dragging it to another screen … it WILL negatively impact framerate.

I actually tried using the SimConnect link you mentioned with another favorite of mine called Pilot2ATC but unfortunately it didn’t work. You have to use the FSUIPC7 beta for that one.


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There is an update coming ‘soon’ that will make it somewhat better. I really like LNM.

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