Live Chat Channel

As it has been, um, days(?) since I broke the forum software I thought it was time to sort that out.

Introducing the Mudspike live chat tool!

The observant and sober among you will notice a new wee icon up top:

You click it and we can all chat.

It might not work, and if it doesn’t then I’ll remove it and we can deny it happened. If it works then great success.

Not sure what we are doing with it, but I thought fun to try.

Have at it!


Well that disqualifies me on both counts. Argentina Malbec is awesome!

Really cool chat plugin FF. :ok_hand:I’ll explore it more tomorrow when I’m not on this blasted iPad mobile!


Does it have to be “and”?



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I had to disable the chat while investigating an issue that seems to cause logging out when using a couple of different devices. I’ll attempt to fix and chat to the plugin author to see if it can be sorted out - when it works ok then I’ll switch back on.

It felt weird to turn off the ol chat buddy though - I was growing fond of it…


It does seem to have fixed the logging out issue though.


oh god, and here I thought on my night off I could check out the mudspike grindr chat bar…

Ohh well…


Yes…I had my latex gloves ready for my mouse.

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If you ever need to see more that 20 msg’s back, then you can see the full Hangar Flying chat channel here:

It’s ‘unlisted’ so use the above link and keep scrolling through the madness.


It has become very popular! LOL…can’t keep my blue dot extinguished! Maddening man…! :smiley:

Definitely going to add a feature so that within the User’s preferences they can turn off the ‘shoutbox’ icon up top if they want to.

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Also, at the moment we get a lot of messages in it because it’s all one free-for-all chat channel. If it gets super crowded then we can create some more specific topic channels to help with that.

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…and yes, the site is slow - we’re going to either have to shed a lot of concurrent users (be offensive @BeachAV8R!) or get a beefier set of servers. My phone has more memory than this server, so beef is a relative term. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry all…we have a plan in place…we are going to super gopher power… (I think that is a marmot though)


PSA: Chat is broke with a recent update. I’ll roll it back until it looks ok.

EDIT: Ok, updating backwards. See you on the other side.

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The chat archive of the last 200 msgs is here, although it doesn’t actually give context if none exists:

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The chat is pretty broken, so trying different things to fix it.

If you go to ‘Categories’ and ‘Hangar Flying’ then you’ll see a new ‘Chat’ tab. This is the full screen chat window and might work better. I’ll switch off the ‘bullhorn icon’ version if this works better.

Try it out and let us know, ideally in the chat channel above :slight_smile:

Direct link to chat channel (not sure if the link way will work…)

EDIT: I put up a static icon where the old search wee window was before. Should be easier to find/use now.