MAD AH2 - Company aircraft purchase!

Hello MAD pilots! It is time to consider buying a company plane for our base at KEAT/Pangborn. We have roughly a half a million dollars to spend. That will pretty much take us down to zero, but I’m confident we will make gains.

I’ve listed below the options available on my end. The default X-Plane vehicles are listed with a (LR) to denote Laminar Research. As well I’ve added in the Propstrike Cessna 172 since it is also free. Payware aircraft are listed with an asterisk. While we can certainly use payware aircraft in the VA - keep in mind that all MAD pilots may not have access to these airplanes.

Before you make your decision here are some statistics on each:

We can also pick up some of these aircraft on the used market for a bit of a savings:

You can vote for more than one type of aircraft if you are on the fence. If you have a write in candidate that we should consider - please comment below.

  • Beechcraft B58 (LR) 538K
  • Cessna 337 * 469K
  • Cessna 207 * 414K
  • Cessna 185 * 356K
  • Cessna 172 (LR) 240K
  • Cessna 172 Bush (Propstrike/Free) 240K
  • Stinson (LR) 207K
  • Aviat A-1C Husky * 191K

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If we purchase a used plane - it will have to be repaired and flown home (we can hire AI to do that I think). If it CAN be flown, it is actually cheaper by I think 30% to have repairs done at your home base. So keep that in mind.

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My assumption is that whatever we buy, we will want to insure it against damage and loss (not that I don’t trust you guys…but you shouldn’t trust me!). Apparently this cost is 10% of the value of the aircraft amortized (did I use that term properly @Bearhedge - you are in the running as CFO by the way) over 12 months, payable each month.


Keep in mind too - I’ve only made bush planes available to my inventory. So if you’d rather MAD fly to more prepared airfields we could definitely try picking up a Piper Lance or Warrior or Cherokee or something like that. So if you are interested in that, write in your suggestions.

I’d love a baron but it just isn’t justifiable space wise. Low cargo capacity and low passenger count. It’s cheaper than a 208 by like 40% or more but still.

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I have a DC-3 which I am leasing. But I cheated and went the Easy route for my career. That might spoil the spirit of watching the airline grow. With that admission out of the way, can I sub-lease the DC-3 to the VA?


The C185 is a beast. If it fits through the door, the Skywagon can haul it.

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I’m actually not sure. I mean, I know you can fly missions that you send to MAD in your own aircraft. There is also a checkbox for VA members that I currently have deselected that allows:

Can Buy
Can Sell
Can Transfer

Yeah, I actually forgot to vote for that as my secondary choice…

That used Kodiak for $359K would be a good deal for an owner company like MAC (not the MAD VA). I don’t know what it costs to repair something like a Kodiak from 51% back up to 100% though. That is a +REP plane too…not sure if those are working with Air Hauler.

I’ve been thinking about my question about transferring planes. That would be a bit of a cheat now that I think about it. I did check on my end and there is no box that I can find the lets you transfer a leased plane. Subleasing is done all the time in the airline world but it would get messy in the game I think.

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:slightly_smiling_face: Don’t know much about insurance, they might use that word that way! In finance, amortisation usually implies that there’s a principal that’s being paid down over time so it’s slightly different (rather than a recurring premium split into smaller payments).

I’d probably say something like, “the annual insurance premium is 10% of the asset value, payable in monthly instalments”.

Why did everyone fall asleep? Guys?

…guys? :sweat_smile:


I’m flying using p3d but I presume aslong as the VA has at least one plane in the fleet (be it from xp11 or p3d) it will start generating VA cargo jobs?

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I’d vote for the Kodiak. It can hold so much more than baron. But maybe not everyone has the module. And I don’t have those non-172 cessna’s. Not sure how REP could have any impact on ah2. I don’t have it anyway.

Snap! Cannot do without the DC-3…

I leased a couple of them, too (one cargo, one PAX config). However, I used a loan to pay for them instead of going the easy career route. Also, in my own “associated” company, I hired a couple of AI pilots and am currently type rating them. I will have the second one doing some automated passenger routes, to pay off the loan, and when possible, will buy the leases out.

It helps, as I do not have to fly in both companies to keep the reputation going up on my own, obligatory company this way, and can concentrate on my personal “stick time” being in the VA only. :slight_smile:

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Did I miss a PowerPoint…? I feel like I missed a PowerPoint.

Reminder guys - all TPS reports are due no later than the 5th day of the following month!


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Sure! (He says with no confidence…LOL)

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…you lookin at me? :open_mouth: You saw my last Twin Beech “arrival” didn’t-cha. It buffed out. Only cost me $1500.

I’m easy. Will continue to transfer & fly using the Twin Beech but any of those is good for a second set-o-wheels…wings.

Remember that show on TV with the guy that used to fly the Grumman Mallard Goose and he had that dog - Tales of the Gold Monkey? I envision your AI pilots having a different version of “Jack” the Terrier…


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Hum…some 5 years back we had an 80’s themed Xmas theme party. I may have gone as Gordon Gekko…

If you want a friend, get a dog! :joy:

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