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The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.

So all these people flaming over it are really passionate about DCS. Good to see they care that much, even if they are misguided in how they express it.

I, on the other hand, have nothing but indifference for this plane.


Words of wisdom, as befits your handle old man S!


As I see it the comunity created its own hype and ended up being upset their own hype didnt materialize in MiG23, MiG29 or whatsnot.

And CEII? Glad it will bring us good article about sim aerobatics from @smokinhole :slight_smile:


Now that’s something I am looking forward to!


People who got hyped about the potential of a MiG-29 have to really sit back and choke down a tough pill.

This is a semi-political reason, but it’s one that is totally observable and shouldn’t be terribly controversial to mention. The Russian MoD is ridiculously tight lipped about aircraft. Most will say that “Oh, get into contact with the Germans or the Poles or one of the few who operate the -29 here in the states.”

That would work out perfectly until you take into account where ED is located. Say whatever you will about the state of the Russian government, it’s still a fact of the matter that a business wants to steer clear of attention from authorities. That’s how it is everywhere.

It’s been this way since the skirmish over South Ossetia and the only way I see us getting a MiG-29 would be with ED moving somewhere else or the MoD relaxing its stance on these things.


I hear Ireland is a good place to have a business…


The Double Irish with Dutch Sandwich tax scheme runs out in 2020, which for tax strategy comedy naming is a real shame.


That would’ve been an amazing skit on Monty Python’s Flying Circus.


Same is true of older cold war aircraft like the Su-17/22 as well. When I did research on the Su-17/22M3/4 a few years back, finding data was very difficult because the role of the Su-17 had shifted from tac-air to tac-nuke and because of that, the Russians consider many aspects of that aircraft classified.


IIRC ED moved their business address already to Switzerland. Or maybe I’m drunk, but I recall that happening.


It happened, but all their employees and the FSB are still in Russia.


I’d seen murmurs of that, but as near_blind pointed out, they’re still working out of the FSB’s backyard.


I figured this is the best topic, perhaps rename it to Leatherneck Christian Eagle @fearlessfrog?

They posted this on Facebook:

For a minute I was fooled thinking it was a photo in a maintenance group… So yeah, impressive!


You should be able to do that yourself…
But might I suggest Christen Eagle. :wink:

Go on! Give it a go…


Ooh neat! I tried to add a Leatherneck tag, but alas that’s missing! :wink:


I’m still thinking that I will be giving this one a miss. I genuinely hope they are successful with it, but I see it as being a novelty that would sit in the corner of my DCS hangar gathering dust after a flight or two. I will be interested in seeing what their next project is, using the knowledge gained from developing this ‘test bed’.


Any time and every time DCS tries to sell me a biplane I am passing.


I might be persuaded to buy a Swordfish - provided there’s a theater and other units to back it up.


I still wish they had done a Cessna 152 or 172 instead if unarmed prop was the name of the game…would love to practice GA basics with DCS frame rates and graphics!

As it is - a very unlikely purchase for me. Well, I lie…it’ll be on $10 special within a year and I’ll cave in…but that aside, an unlikely purchase. :nerd_face:


Funny how that “Christen”/“Christian” mistake happens all the time IRL too. I’d say about 50% of pilots who do not own one pronounce it like the religion.