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Oh dear. Just checked the ED forums and some of the guys are really losing it.
Not a great moment for the community…

But yeah. Judging by the reaction of people back then when the Hawk and C101 were announced (and those are military aircraft at least!) the M3 guys probably had already extrapolated that would happen.


Just wait until they hear you have to buy a loot box to fuel it…


I mean what did they think was going to happen? People demanding to know when can they pre-order it? Especially considering the MiG-21 isn’t exactly in tip top shape, of course people would be upset. RAZBAM was in a pretty similar situation, and laid the groundwork going forward for how to handle it. The only reason people aren’t at RAZBAM’s throat is:

A) The harrier is badass
B) They released a major M2k update

And lets be honest, ED received a pretty chilly response to their “strange” bird, only difference is that they basically said, “Hey, we already made this for someone else, thought you guys might like it”. Not, “OMGWTFBBQ you guys wont believe what we have in store for you!!!”

Its all comedy to me, I enjoy watching people get worked up over video games.


I thought about it for a bit and these are also thoughts I have about it:

  • I sure hope nobody is working on the CE2 instead of the still unfinished Mig21.
  • I am not really against civil planes in DCSW but… DCSW doesn’t provide a good simulation environment for civil flying yet.
  • couldn’t they have used at least some military trainer aircraft? I understand the desire to have a simple plane to test all the flight model stuff amd so on without having to bother with systems but there are SO many WW1 and WW2 planes that are reaaaally simple and would allow for the same tests while still being better to have in DCSW. Hell, someone is working on an I-16 and that will be a day one buy for me. I would even take a Grasshopper or a Storch. The CE2… meh.
  • they say it is only a side project for testing and development. I would understand that. It us logical to do. But they shouldn’t have done that ridiculous teasing then. Just a “hey guys we know that’s not what you wanted but tjisbis why we built it. If you still want to fly it give us 20 bucks”.
    …which would have been reasonably close to what ED did.


An unusual choice and not one I would’ve made. I also question the wisdom behind delaying some MiG fixes for this. There’s definitely a need for civil aircraft in DCS, mostly as set dressing for missions. Still, I can’t really see myself buying in. That said, the reaction has been amusing in all of the wrong ways.

It reminds me of a teenage girl not being able to go to Brad’s house (because, it’s always a Brad) so she proclaims her parents as the “most lamest people like ever.”


All you DCS fans complaining about a prop plane and we still ain’t got a proper PiP or MFD system in ArmA3. Y’all are spoiled! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What we still don’t have is an Apache in DCS. Even the Alpha model would be great. No need for any fancy millimeter-wave radar stuff over the rotor. Just old fashion TADS/PNVS and laser guided Hellfires. Imagine the possibilities with VR. You could simulate realistic PNVS usage at night - display cockpit view for the left eye and the image from the night vision system from the nose for the right eye. It would be confusing at first (as in real life) but it would be great opportunity to showcase one of a kind feature never done before.

And don’t worry if you have left eye dominance - I know good method for overcoming this …


Remember where you read it first folks.

VR - could it do a monocle?

I spent a nice day, doing some Santa shopping duties, hanging out with the family, taking it easy, so what did I miss? Anything big?


That’s a legal minefield if there ever was one!



Ok, I am… stupefied… Are you serious is right. Yeah, I can see how this is for a different market. Digital Civilian Simulator perhaps… On the other hand if someone offered me a ride in one I would be like “Hold on, let me get a plastic bag to throw up in, I will be right there”.
So there is a market. Just not in me. I was really hoping for a MiG-23, 25 or a A-6… Life goes on.


For me (personally) - it isn’t so much about putting a non-combat aircraft into DCS World (despite the combat in the title), I just think it doesn’t fit with some of the objectives of what DCS World could work toward.

The CE2 is not a trainer. Basic or primary students aren’t going to get into a high performance airplane like that and learn to fly…it just doesn’t happen. If the goal was to have a technology demonstrator aircraft that would help them learn on their way to building WW2 aircraft - why not pick something like a T-34B Mentor or a T-6 Texan? At least those you can conceivably write into a “trainer” role. Heck, if you want to really shake things up - a Diamond DA20 would be a great aircraft to model.

Anyway - if it has more to do with what they wanted to do because of a certain fascination with the CE2…I have no problem with that. I just don’t think they should be surprised that the community is scratching their heads a bit.


I think they may be a bit surprised that some community members seem to be scratching their heads with the sharp end of an axe… I know I am. :wink:


If i squint hard enough, can i see the wings sweep back and mach2.0…

Yeah… i can see that.


Well the response is really toxic, im mostly disappointed in the community at large at this point.


Yeah. The community can be its own worst enemy, sometimes…


I just don’t get it.

I probably won’t buy this one, but what do I care, they are free to do whatever plane they want. Makes you wonder.

If i was to speculate, I’d say that they are trying to do a lean plane that will give them a good profit margin to fund other development/completion of the Mig-21.

The only valid argument against it I’ve seen so far is that DCS is not a good environment for civil aviation because of the lacking traffic/ATC/real weather/etc. Everything else is just a hissy fit in my book.

This whole discussion needs a healthy dose of Eric Idle




Also, I think this is part of the upcoming DCS: Independence Day content:


LN/M3’s announcement and my reaction