Maico's Server Grand Opening

Scramble tonight,
I will have my server up starting 1800 GMT. We will be on Mudspike Discord.
Come to have fun.
Version:DCS Open Beta.
name: Maico’s Server
Pass: Thunderdome

See you there !


So far, I have not had a session. Seems everyone is busy with MSFS 2020.
I will be around this weekend . If anyone is inclined to fly some DCS, let me know.
It would be good to get the server going for some dogfights.

I think I can join you this weekend for some bang-ups.

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I can be there Fri or Sat at 18:00 Zulu

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Step right up, dont be shy. Two targets signed up…Need some more. :slightly_smiling_face:
We can start about 17:00 Zulu.

I wish I had seen this earlier I had a whole afternoon evening to myself after I finished work

How about this coming WE?

Sorry If I missguided anyone. I meant this weekend. Friday or Saturday or both. Start at 1700Z and go from there.
I am always available to fly during the week but I can never catch up with people. Hit me with a PM. However, I am at GMT+3.

Hi fellas,
I’ll have my server on tonight. See you there

I shall try @Maico fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Working my dears but have fun and watch your 6 :blush:

great fun before I had to go, thanks Maico and Lawndart.

a graceful landing after running out of fuel :smile:


I had a great time too. Thanks for joining guys. My deadstick landing involved more red and orange in the picture :joy:


Its Friday night! Who is up for a little Top Gun action?

My fibre connection has died so no MP for a while.

You got bigger problems than multiplayer if you got a family… Sorry bud. Get it fixed!

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Hi fellas,
Im interested in doing some COOP Tomcatting tonight @ 1800GMT. I have a bomber intercept mission setup. The plan is to start in the air and intercept the bombers with thier escort. After there is a boat awaiting. So we will be landing on that.
If you cant get weapons off on the Tomcat, I can talk you through some front seat stuff. Im not familiar with the back seat but I can manage fights from the front. The next mission will be focussed on startup of the Tomcat. Im no expert again but I can get it going.
Im hoping for participation of at least 2 but will be able to accomodate more. Please let me know if you are interested in joining.



If i get my job cancelled tonight I’ll be up for that startup practise buddy. I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve got my instructions

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Keep me posted buddy. Good luck… I dont know if its lucky to get the job or to get to play :neutral_face:

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Meh… play is good today. I could do with a bit of fun

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