Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries Announced

Truly excited for this. This is what MWO should have been. This excited me so much, I went on to back Harebrained Scheme’s Battletech (Equivalent to the old Mechcommander games) Because I’M SO EXCITED FOR THAT ONE TOO! HYPING INTENSIFIES


OMG. This starts to look a lot like Christm… oh wait.

Anyway- awesome news! Isn’t Hairbrained also responsible for the great ShadowRun? Loved that one!


Yes. Which has been a blast. Here’s hoping battletech will be as good as those games :grin:

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Love it! Voice acting is cheesy but hey, that fits in fine with the BT universe!

I was just going to post, those voice overs are horrendous.

MWO was a huge disappointment, pay to win. No vehicles, no infantry, no open world/oen galaxy.

But what made it such a disappointment for me was that they got the feel of the mechs so right. The foundation was there for an excellent mech game, but they lied about what was to be and it ended up a battlefield clone in mech skins.

Will keep an eye on these two, i do like stomping in mechs

It wasn’t even a battlefield clone. A single spawn, and relative small maps. Which negated a lot of the advantages light mechs have. Then they introduced clanners that totally screwed over people that couldn’t buy those right away. Really, bad management throughout. The combat still felt excellent though and I’ve had a lot of fun playing it with buddies in a organized drop.

And really, Sarah’s Jenner was a awesome thing to do. I still have a lot of respect for PGI for making that:

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It’s probably the only money I ever spent in MWO, Sarah’s Jenner.

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MW2 had an amazing soundtrack. Still have it on CD. We used to play MW2 on our office LAN 1 v 1 when things were slow back in the early days for our company. Great memories of that game. I should add:



I didn’t want to start a new thread but it seems MechWarrior Living Legends is still pretty hot, but on top of that, has some pretty peculiar characteristics!

Look at this…

Abandon your mech, piggyback rides, hack/kill-the-pilot-of another mech, multiple vehicles…
Well me likey! :slight_smile:


Man, MW2 mutliplayer…I miss my brawling Thanatos in winter camo and my PPC/LRM sniping Vulture.

WOWza, some update!

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries hands-on: the series goes back to its roots | PC Gamer

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Although I have all of the MW games, I haven’t played it seriously since MW2 3Dfx, which was awesome. I still have it here on the shelf - and I have tried several times recently, to get it working again with my retro PC and Orchid Righteous Voodoo card - but failed… :roll_eyes:

I did try one of the later ones, but tbh it had too much detail to hold my interest. They had stuffed so much more into it that it would have needed a lot of time dedicated to sussing it all out, and I didn’t have that time.

If this will have a VR mode, I will almost certainly give it a closer look.

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Damn it, that Intro i still one of the best ever…

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Couple this with Harebrained’s Battletech coming out next year and the future looks bright for us Mechwarriors.


“We’re dedicated to the core MechWarrior fanbase. They’re the ones that supported us with MechWarrior Online and now we’re making a game for them.”

Ummmm Wasn’t that what MechWarrior online was supposed to be.

I love the old MechWarrior. I liked some bits of MechWarrior online. But I have heard this line before.

Anyhow, scepticism aside. Fingers crossed for a true MechWarrior game that we can all enjoy

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Yep. Piranha should be printing money right now, but short-sighted decisions and pay-to-win took their toll.

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sorry - gone to pm instead, as it’s OT

MWO had some really good and some really bad bits. I think they were just trying to figure out a way to make a steady revenue income.

For me, it become a slog after the clanners got introduced. My IS tech got outmatched right off the bat and I didn’t feel like playing much after that.

also light scout units got made useless as well and I love me some spider action!

It’s very rare that I will buy a multiplayer-only game. If the system breaks down or the other players are mostly 'tards, it’s a complete waste of money.

I buy them if I already am in a group who want it - but then after they get fed up with it and play something else, it ends up on the virtual shelf (like Dragon Rising, ET:QW, CoD4, BF:BC2 etc). Wasted a lot of money this way.

The problems started right off the bat.

The good. Mechs felt like mechs, big chunky fun buckets. Movement, controls, customisation… great

It was everything else (like the video described) that killed it.

Ok, so we have. Small confined maps (even the largest maps are too small-scouting just isn’t a thing). Just mechs. No choice of spawn. Crappy limited game types.

Then add to that just after release, pirahna takes away the perma mech system. (a system where your mechs damage after a match is carried foraward so you need to spend money on repairs or maybe rely on looted weapons to replace you destroyed ones. This system meant you needed to look after your mechs and potentially people would field not 100% mechs.)

The removal of this system paved the way for instagib premium mechs where you buy the best mech (which is far superior to anything you earn in game) and you don’t care for gameplay, you just walk into the biggest group of enemy, get as much damage as possible, die as quickly as possible, start a new match as quickly as possible.

As xp and earned credits are/were a direct relationship to the damage you cause, then the premium instagib crowd was born.

The game was a travesty.

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