Metrea ...The future of Simulation?

The are a number of technologies bring actively developed that would benefit from that. (at least in the military Sims. Military as in, developed for the military)

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Never been to an expo where folks are selling their wares? I’d check out their exhibit with that video playing on 72" monitors surrounded by booth babes.
Oh yeah


@piper, you’d check out any booth with babes, not because of that video.
I see right through you… :wink:

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I can’t see the video…?

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Yeah…sorry,They made it Private a few hrs after my post.Basically they’re bringing a Viper into their defense training platform.

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I hate when someone does that.


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Video seems to be back up.

I’m all for competition. Competition is good. But if you told me that was a DCS video and I wasn’t looking for DCS Viper things like the wing wobble on stores release, I wouldn’t have been able to tell (watching on my phone at least)!

I guess this is the version us dirty civilians don’t get to buy in any case?


Exactly what I thought. Very cool that this exists and if this can be made available for the public someday, better for us. But despite some technical advantages in using Unreal and maybe not needing a supercomputer to run (although I doubt it, given the intended use), and despite it being a better looking Nevada map, I have to say, DCS has definitely been able to keep up. Good work, ED and their last 2 years of visual fidelity upgrades.


Yeah… They make simulation software for military training, but their videos seem to be targeted at gaming or flightsimmer audience. Could be that they themselves come from this community.

They were recently contracted to make a T-38C for the USAF, in the NOR platform.

From what I can gather in available (free) records, Metrea Simulations are based in Stockholm, Sweden and are a rather small company with equally small, but increasing, revenue and negative yield (as of a year ago).
Basically all the marks of a growing company, which isn’t suprising since they just started in 2019/2020.

It will be really interesting to see where they go with this.

DCS also sprung out of a desktop training device for the A-10C…