MFG Crosswind Pedals - Hydraulic Damper

I have had my Crosswind pedals for some time now and really like them. Even though they were a major upgrade from my old CH Pedals, they still didn’t have the feel of real aircraft rudder pedals. I found them a little too light, especially when near the centered position. That can make fine inputs harder to make precisely. Still great pedals though, and highly recommended straight out the box.

While doing some browsing, I found myself looking at the MFG site and Milan had a new item that piqued my interest, a hydraulic damper. The damper gives the pedals a smooth, heavier feel that gives you the impression that the pedals are actually attatched to something. The damper has a small dial that allows you to chose the level of the resistance. This allowed me to dial in a setting that closely resembles the feel of the Global…the pedals feel really solid and precise. At the highest setting, the pedals have a very heavy feel to them.

Milan has two kits available. One is for the latest version of his pedals (V3) that has holes drilled specifically for the damper to be installed. It makes the installation process a case of simply attaching the damper to the pedals with a Hex wrench/Allen Key . For earlier versions of the pedals (V1 and V2) you buy a slightly different kit that has some extra parts. The process is still fairly straight forward. It took me about 20 minutes to install on my V2 pedals.

With shipping to the US (DHL) it cost me about $75. In summary, the damper provides a very nice, heavier feel and I am very happy with the purchase. :sunglasses:

Link to the kit for the older versions of the pedals.

And for V3 pedals:

My pedals with the damper kit installed…


Ooooh, that looks tasty.

i have been waiting for this. Does your stock of motorbike dampers fit @Victork2? Or is £31 a good deal?

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Be cheaper to make one. You could even buy a nicer damper for 100 quid and make have the bracket made and still come our 100 quid richer

I know I have at LEAST 3 in the garage. An onlins from my ducati

A suzuki one which may be too long and an unnamed one. I’ll have a look and donate one to the cause

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It is only £31 inclusive. That makes it cheaper from MFG by my maths @Victork2 I wil hold off and see whatyou can do. You will obviously need to borrow my crosswinds for a month or two?

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You put 331 above @Scoop :rofl: I thought that was a touch steep :pinching_hand:

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Control lock on keyboard. First 3 was a £ @Victork2

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Thats not a bad deal at £31. We could always switch out the damper for something a little more flashy and bling out my garage :wink:

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I will order one. The thought of a "flash @Victork2 product makes me think of my first car. It had a Shackleton Mk3 (parking) ‘brake’ caption illuminate when I touched the brakes.

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My mate had a Ford granada that did the same

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Did he get the instrument of a real RAF Shak Mk3? You will meet the source of mine in June on the narrowboat @Victork2

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The damper is £51.50 with shipping :frowning:

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That works out at $70.75 (USD)… You will be paying less than I did! :rofl:

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An advantage of Brexit


tbh it sounds like a really good deal (at least for us in the old world).

And I think Milan deserves some after sales revenue :slight_smile:


ordered and already in transit.

Its a race between a canal guide for the Oxford and Grand Union Canals* coming from Coventry (79 miles) and the damper coming from Zagreb (1,194 miles).

  • In June @Victork2 is risking his family by sailing with me onboard this. I shall put his son in charge, should be safer.



Obi is seriously excited about this


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That is an official turning point (aka winding hole)