Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

…announced as a world premier at the Microsoft E3 2019 Press Conference… jaw dropping…

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I had to watch again… Captured in 4K… still processing…

Wow! That does look ‘a bit good’ ! Looks like I’m going to be needing another SSD.

I captured these from the video and my spidey senses are tingling. What say you?


There’s some auto generation of scenery going on there, I wonder how they capture that data. You can clearly see it in that weird tree line on the ground in the second screenshot.

After the “flight” debacle I am a bit cautious.


If there’s anything I’ve learned about the MSFS flight sim franchise over the years, then that it is good to be cautiously pessimistic.


Well, looking at the first photo, if this is from the game and not a video, the level of detail would be astounding. Too good to be true I’m afraid.


Came here to say the same thing. Only got slightly burned by that one, and my memory immediately goes to the review @BeachAV8R wrote about that one, seven years ago.

Seeing as it’s for both PC and XBone, I’m not optimisitic on how cutting-edge it’s really going to be. Or how playable it’ll be offline.

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Hopefully it’s not SaaS either.
(Software as a service)

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CRAP I didn’t even think about that. I saw something about Xbox Xcloud, so that worries me now.

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It could be a good thing too, regular updates and new aircraft. Depends on the price.

To contrast DCS, that would give funds for the core maintenance.

Yes, when specially many software companies go to only SaaS, including MS with some products. So Im excited to see this video but lets see if the business model will not be a cold bath…

I’ve said it a a million times - if you want it to be successful, give us some gameplay right out of the gate. I have to want to play it - like a career, missions, campaign…something. They aren’t jumping into a void - there are plenty of well established sims out there now, but the only thing missing from those sims (Aerofly, P3D, and X-Plane) - is a true purpose to your flying. Make it pretty and make it FUN and people will come…even if it is DLC heavy.

They should hire the guys that make Air Hauler and integrate it into the sim.


Vtol vr. This! I am thrown into the defense of my homeland island from the start. There isnt much plot admittedly. But I WANTED to save that beautiful island! (I’m still working on that)

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Honestly - if they just took FSX as the template as far as content goes, they’d have a winner. FSX Gold was one of the most feature packed sims as far as content goes.

“With that said, I started pondering the things that I would have done to make Flight a more interesting game. As I started down my list of scenarios or things I thought that might be interesting for a more casual gamer type player, I had a niggling sensation of déjà vu in the back of my mind. Where had I seen these scenarios before? And then I realized — I was describing in my own mind the very gameplay that already existed, and has existed for over five years in Microsoft’s previous offering: Microsoft Flight Simulator X . I remember playing those missions! Or did I? There was only one way to find out.”


I wonder if any of the original team are involved? I know that some of them landed here.

You are completely correct. The content was there all along. It just needs updating. Poor old fsx. I always think of it fondly but always remember the irritations rather than the pleasures. Those missions had long been forgotten. The Paris air show demonstration ight was fantastic to fly.

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