Microsoft Flight Simulator - Post launch impressions

Microsoft Flight Simulator Release Times by region

International releases (from MS Store) starts from 17th of August 10.00 UTC and rolls out to different countries/territories from there.
Steam release will be available from 18th of August 04.00 UTC/00.00 EST/21.00 PST Aug 17

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Lol. Yes. If you change your windows location, I guess you can download now. Not that I’m recommending it. That meme even without the text is hilarious.

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*Furiously searching online for a beachfront timeshare on Kiribati…

For central europe that would be midnight, just to save you some time.

Edit: Actually that list is just a very verbose way of saying „you can download at midnight“. :smiley:

Confirmed, changed region to Kirbati and am downloading currently, would have to wait till 22:00 UTC otherwise.

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I is already playing. Dang I hated those watermarks!!

Also. Day one drivers!


If you’re using non-english Windows version it is advised to install English(United States) language pack for your Windows.

A new NVIDIA driver for a flight sim!..must be 2020 still.

So you can do this:

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Yup, this is what I was wondering about earlier; if nVidia would have created a ‘path’ for FS2020 in their drivers. Now, the efficacy of it remains to be seen. Good way to keep market share.

Hmmm…GeForce Ex. shows my driver as up to date, but a lower number than listed above (452.06). Perhaps my card is SOL here ([whispers] do they want me to upgrade?). Or the drivers aren’t really out yet? 1080 VCard BTW.

So, can you spin aircraft now?

So, should I ditch the GeForce Experience thing altogether, and d/l and install manually from her on out? Just curious.

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Yes. Ditch it like a corsair on fire. Drop it like an ugly baby. Ditch it like that hot chick who turned out to be an utter psycho. It’s trash.


Ya know, I’d managed to bury that [those?] memories deep…til now* :grin:

*but she keeps calling me

It’s possible to do that?



I like GeForce experience. most especially I like shadowplay for stutter free recording, and then Nvidia shader controls for the SIM. No reason to mess with reshade.