Microsoft Flight Simulator VR to launch as free upgrade in late December


We’ll need a VR kneeboard for reading approach charts!

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Good point. Wonder if they’ll throw in an I-pad-like mod ala X-Plane (forget what it’s called).

No choppers until 2022 though, according to the list :frowning:

Yes, and that is disappointing. Another reason why X-Plane isn’t going to slip away into the night anytime soon.

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For P3D I was using OVR Toolkit and it worked just fine.

AviTab very handy tool

We know nothing! :wink:

OVR Toolkit uses SteamVR.
MSFS is native WMR/OpenXR, at least for WMR headsets.
Not sure if that will work.

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Avitab looks nice!

According to some source in another forum the developer of Avitab is an Oculus user and considering support for MSFS once he can use it.