Microsoft VR October 2016

Player 4 enters the Game!

At the Microsoft event today they talk about their VR stuff:

The demo is all pretend unfortunately and about 8 out of 10 on the awkward-conversations-people-don’t-really-have 'o meter, but it is great to see VR going more mainstream.

It’s got inside-out tracking (no external boxes looking at the headset to work out position like the Vive/Rift but camera/sensors on the headset that try to work out where it is), so not so potentially good for sims due to accuracy, but a good consumer friendly approach none the less. Bottom end units (no specs as yet) start at $299 from the typical Windows 3rd parties (Asus, HP etc).

Perhaps we’ll get our Virtual Desktop all built into Win10 eventually anyway…

Summary article here:

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Well, watching Fergie and Will.I.Am give a presentation sure is better than watching a sweaty Steve Ballmer bounce around the stage.


Honestly, most things beat “A sweaty Steve Balmer”, that’s not raising the bar a lot. :wink: