Middle East Project



Needs to be released along side dynamic campaign, the “endlessly replayable” marketing writes itself.


Campaign name: “Mr. Bones Wild Ride”


I had read on one of the DCS announcements on Facebook, in the comments, that the maps will not increase in size/detail unless otherwise stated due to the objective of keeping things working within the current minimum RAM requirement of 8GB. This was in terms of expanding the Nevada map.

Any large increases to the map’s size or number of highly detailed areas would mean changing the minimum system specs, which it seems they aren’t ready to do.


Actually, Mars wold be much cooler…just say’n :slightly_smiling_face:


Cooler… maybe. But a bit boring. Lack of plants, cities, water and so on. Also very thin atmosphere. Bad for flying.


That one kind of raised an eyebrow with me, too.