Mini rant...streamers


So I was wanting to watch a guy streaming VTOL VR today and tuned in…it was cool to see how someone else was playing and hear their impressions. Unfortunately, it was F-bomb after F-bomb the entire time and I had to turn off the volume because my 9 year old was wandering around. Even if he hadn’t been in the room - the constant barrage of profanity is really off-putting. I don’t mind an occasional swear word or three…heck, I do it. But almost every sentence?

I’m officially old. Get off my lawn.



Same here.
I don’t mind an F-word now and then, but some people just overdo it.

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Streamers that curse once in a while don’t bother me at all… but I can understand your frustration. Some streamers just try too hard to be “edgy”… it annoys me to no end. It’s like they can’t play anything without having to overreact, yell every 5 second something about someone’s mom or a meme thing… I am really not a part of this demographic that needs to be “entertained” that way. It’s like they’re trying to cater to 12 year olds with poop emoji humor… really not my cup of tea.



Yeah, I’m by no means an angel. An appropriately placed curse word can provide some nice emphasis for a certain thing…but I listened for 90 seconds and heard the F-bomb at least five times.

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That is just farking bo’sheet motherfarker arsehole streamers with their farki g pottymouths. They freakin disgust me.




Lol, right there with you.
I used to be terrible about it but now speeders on residential streets are a pet peeve of mine. Figure it is karma’s payback for my youthful indiscretions.




My “roll eyes” moment is usually at the idiots that weave in and out of rush hour traffic, changing lanes every 30 seconds so they can get home two minutes before I do.



Yep, another one of mine too. The funny part is how often you catch one of them because the lane they chose is now going slower than the one they just left. The worst are the ones that use the shoulder to pass everyone though.




I can’t watch someone randomly stream a game for hours on end spouting banter. About the only time I do is evaluating a game or finding content to answer a question. I’d much rather just read a guide, find my answer, and play the game myself. Time wise I find a wiki much more helpful than watching some jackass who’s looking for views.

That said there are a few gems who can make a great video, but they edit heavily and focus on the interesting part. Unfortunately YouTube’s algo seems to favor content length over quality.



You should have added something like,
“…and that’s just in the overhead VFR landing pattern!” :open_mouth:



If you really want them to get off their lawn you can click ye olde report button if they didn’t mark their channel as intended for mature audience and then proceeded to swear ever other word :+1:



It’s like that in Multiplayer DCS and IL2 as well. And it has always bothered me. I love the word and use it way too often myself. But I am also careful with it and never use it in anger and only around friends who get my sense of humor. (Well…that’s my intent anyway.) With that said it is really offensive online where it is almost said in anger or frustration. No offense to the brilliant people who speak multiple languages as I can only barely eke out English. But foreign speakers seem to especially like the word. I think it is easy and blunt and easily understood. And it will never carry the full offensiveness to the foreign English speaker. That’s a lot of words to say, “I’m with you my aged bruddah.” But our complaint is as old as primate grunts.



Got to say I agree with pretty much what others have stated here. Another thing that really, really bothers me with some of the streaming I see now is the constant interruption of the little pop-ups that take place continuously showing who supported that particular streamer and how much. I mean I’m trying to watch the stream and I can’t because of those interruptions. Now when I see those pop-ups, I turn off the video and go watch something else.



Where’s the [email protected]"*ing f111?

Just a foul mouthed Aussie wanting awesomeness



Depends where you’re from. In the northeast it’s used like a major part of vocabulary. Verb, adjective, adverb, even noun.

However, I don’t really consider the F to be vulgar, it’s too generic. Start dropping in some other 4 letter words and making some crude metaphors and I find that far worse than just shouting “F the F’ing F’er!” when you get shot down.

That said…I get bored by streaming, big time. If it’s a tutorial showing me something, ok, but for most things I think the video could be about 5 minutes long tops. Strip out the formalities at the start and end and the production values and themes and you can save 60 seconds at least.

I still prefer TYPED walkthroughs for games to videos showing you. I can skim and read an entire game walkthrough to find what I need in about 20 seconds. If I have to watch a series of 10 videos that are 15+ mins each…UGH. I feel like the beginning of Dark Side by Floyd.

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
Fritter and waste the hours on streams on Youtube
Kicking around the search algorithms in your home feed
Waiting to find one not filmed or captured by a boob

Tired of trying just to find one praying it is not in vain
You aren’t young the site is massive so much time is killed this way
And then one day you find ten hours have got behind you
No one simply wrote it down, you missed the vital one



Swearing shows a poor vocabra, vocabraolbly, list of words you know… :slight_smile:



I just feel weird sitting in front of my pc watching someone else play a game. Swearing does not bother me from adults as long as kids aren’t present.

What bothers me is the donations people get while your watching. Such and such donated £5… To someone playing a game worth 30…

I don’t get it



Yeah its weird. Sign of us getting old, finding current cultural happenings incomprehensibly dumb, weird or dull.

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Or all 3 simultaneously :joy:

Unrelated topic but I resisted memes for a loooong time. Always thought they were stupid.

I would now communicate solely by meme if I could now.

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Is that really that different than buying aircraft you may not be totally interested in in order to support the company that made it though. They’re creating content people want to watch enough to help support them in their efforts.