Mirage F1s and the Death Star: an introduction

no screenshots from me unfortunately but I do have an AAR to share.

It must be about a year since I have been eyeing Enigma’s Cold War server. I have flown there once or twice, but have only dreamt of flying the Mirage F1 in a coordinated planned fashion.

I have not flown a lot last week, been feeling pretty low on energy but last night I managed to get myself invited to @miRage and @MBot 's group and joined them for an attack run in the Mirage F1 on Enigma’s Cold War server. It had just switched to Caucasus earlier that day (I still don’t own Syria).

It was an epic flight. They had a flight plan, a detailed attack plan (with mils, degrees, feet and knots), helped me manage the radios and allowed me to focus on flying and looking around.

As we approached the front line at 20k ft, just above the clouds, @MBot was talking to the AWACS and told us things like:
“Fishbed, 10 nmi, roughly heading towards us”
“7 nmi”
“No he’s on the deck, we’re safe”
This happened a few times.
I did not feel safe at this point. But that was clearly not going to happen in a full ECW server with 70 players flying aggressively around the same front line area.

Finally, one of the Fishbeds did appear to be coming after us, but that was right as we approached the IP and dove into the valley that would take us to our target. We flew low and fast (Mach 0.95 on the deck) with a full load of 5 Belouga cluster bombs. In trail formatio, with yours truly in third

“Only 3 nmi behind us” - our leader said

I suggested using burner but we can’t go supersonic with the bombs still on so we pressed on at M0.95
I said: “Don’t worry guys, he’ll shoot me first”

“Stay on target…” was @miRage 's apt response.

As we arrived at the target, we followed lead’s cues: 30 degrees left, 30 degrees up
At 6200 feet sea level, turn into the target.
We had planned for a 15 degree dive, release at 1500 feet AGL with the target at 121 mils.

I don’t remember what my dive angle was. I think I was shallow, but I was a bit distracted by the tracers that flew by my cockpit as I walked the pipper onto the target.

I dropped my bombs roughly on target and started flying erratically, low, with full burner, while announcing to the others what was happening. I occasionally looked back but focused mostly on flying dangerously while not flying into terrain.

Some intense tens of seconds later, I spotted one of my flight in front of me and wanted to warn them for the MiG that would surely start taking a shot at them.

Then I heard the magic words:

“Nearest bandit is 20 miles out”

I looked past my shoulder and saw a large fire in one of the forests behind me.

He must have flown into terrain or maybe he killed his engine: my flight told me the Mirage F1 can fly faster without killing its engine at low altitude.

We rejoined just above treetop level and managed to fly back to base.

This may well be the best DCS experience I have ever had.

Thank you @miRage and @MBot ! Looking forward to more attack runs on ECW with you!

Next steps: getting re-acquainted with Overlord bot and how to find targets on ECW and then I can start leading flights like this


Very cool, sounds like a successfull mission.

The MiG-21 should have no trouble catching you if you are loaded with bombs - I suspect pilot error, it’s very easy to push past its IAS limit of 1340km/h at low altitude - that’s just a tad below Mach 1.1 at sea level, I don’t know the Mirages IAS limit at low altiude, but I’m pretty sure it’s faster if you’re clean but a Fishbed with a droptank and four missiles will easily catch up with a fully loaded F1.


Exactly! That is why it closed the 3 nmi distance during our run-in easily but it probably had to get very close to its IAS limit after I dropped the bombs and we started really playing in the weeds!


Epic story!


Just like shooting Womp rats in Beggar’s Canyon. Right?

That was a pretty impressive first flight with us. You managed to stay in formation, had good comms, put bombs on target, kept your calm under fire and returned to base with fuel to spare :slight_smile:


Thanks! It was very intense, was nearly saturated just flying, listening and looking around. It really cheered me up!


Nice writup, that was really a great mission. More to come :slight_smile:


great read.

with my squad mates we are actually in state of coordinated chaos. we are on the same server but our actions are not that pro

… we are still in training process :slight_smile:


Awesome @Freak! I hope that you can keep us up to date on your exploits. It is really awesome to read people enjoying flight sims and getting into multiplayer.


Thursday night, the three of us joined up again, to find ourselves on the red side in our Mirage F1 on the new Enigma’s Cold War 2.0 scenario.
This time the fight spans entire Caucasus region so the player density seemed a lot lower.

We decided to try bombing a depot, after hearing that its defenses had been destroyed.

A smart ingress was chosen: we flew North beyond the edge of the battlefield to evade resistance. Shortly before arrival however, a “recon flight” (Ctrl+F11) informed us that new Roland SAM sites had just deployed at our target.

@miRage devised a plan: 1 and 2 would pop up simultaneously left and right, then number 3 would follow 10-15 seconds behind, to maximize chances of one of us not getting engaged.

I went in as nr 2 and as I saw a smoke plume, I recklessly pulled a lot of G in the pop-up while continuing the attack. Had a lot of luck as I managed to dodge the missile, but the target also “dodged” my bombs. I was so busy staying alive that I am sure my speed and dive angle were off. Somehow I did spare a moment to look at the altimeter and I dropped at the planned altitude.
I did get some tracers towards me during the dive and noticed their effect when I tried to pull out of the dive: significantly reduced elevator authority. It cannot have been more than 10 meters above the ground when I finally got the nose up at Mach 0.9.

I flew north and watched as the others made another pass. One of them still had bombs, the other tried to distract the Rolands. I could not join with the severely reduced pitch authority. Within a few seconds of each other, they both got hit by the SAMs.

As I egressed, I heard that a Viggen was approaching. (Did I mention that the text-based Overlord AWACS bot is super simple? Set notify distance in F10 menu and you get text prompts, no need to fiddle with radios)
So I climbed up to 26k feet and flew home at Mach 1.3, just to be safe. The Mirage F1 is among the best afterburner endurance fighters in DCS so this is a luxury you can afford in this jet.

When my main gear touched the runway, I suddenly decelerated and the nose slammed down. Before I could think about what happened, the rear started drifting. Must have been the AAA that hit my elevator that popped one or both main gear tires as well. Luckily, the practice in Gran Turismo paid off and I did not turn fully sideways or roll. Although that Sidewinder on the left wingtip won’t be usable anymore.

Looking forward to Sunday! We noticed there is a lack of intel (enemy units/markers on F10) so will probably start doing reconnaissance flights.


Would love to play DCS in MP on ECW server…

I still mostly fly the Huey only, but I’m sure something else could be arranged.
Anyone up for multi-crew?


I prefer able-engined helicopters but I’ll fly anything to share a cockpit with you, or

page accepting GIF

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I only flew a little bit of ECW and I have to get reacquainted with the birds available and the new hex mechanics…

I mostly can do this Fridays or Saturdays.


Do It Should We GIF by Eternal Family

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I’m up for Blue helicopters on Friday evening

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Some Pics from our previous missions with @Freak and @MBot

Also here’s a kneeboard card I made with MBot’s certified manual bombing profiles:


Had another evening of wild fun on ECW. The bomber escort vs intercept 24h special event is about halfway now.

Do take part if you wish!

It’s Blue
F-14A (many)
F-14B (limited number)
F-15C (limited number)

escorting B-52s

Which are being intercepted by red
MiG-29 (limited)
Su-27 (limited)
MiG-21 (many)
Mirage F1 CE / EE (many)

Had a ton of fun flying the “underdog” Mirage F1EE in these conditions with @miRage against the hordes of Tomcats . We each killed about 10 B-52s and each killed an F-14! We did lose a fair number of Mirage airframes, but those are comparatively cheap.

Shooting that F-14 from such a cheap simple jet was awesome and this event is a great opportunity to do so. Highly recommended!