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From the video description:

We are launching a new PVP/PVE Dynamic Cold War Campaign DCS Multiplayer Server. This server will be launched publicly in November.

The Discord:

Some of the mechanics in this server were never possible before 2.7 and we believe that this will be game changer in the DCS Multiplayer scene. We are trying to establish a new dynamic campaign server that will allow for a constant conflict and your efforts will have a visible impact on the frontline. The features follow:

-PVP/PVE with a dynamic frontline that moves in real time and does not require a server reset for it to move.

-Overlord GCI Bot

-Curated Equipment set in Early-to-Mid Cold War, the planes are: F86, C101, F-5, Viggen, A-10A + F-14A (Restricted Slots) L-39, Mig-15, Mig-19, Mig-21, Su-25 + Mig-29 (Restricted Slots) +Helicopters

-All WVR Fighting no FOX-3 missiles and a focus on iron bombs and unguided rockets with some air-to-surface missiles.

-There will be an abundant of helicopter missions that do not focus around slinging but are more about having an impact on the frontline.

-There will be strategic targets that impact the frontline movement.


Just FYI, this server is now active. Search “Cold War” and you’ll find “Enigma’s Dynamic Cold War Campaign PVP/PVE”. 56 slots available. It’s pretty much put the long standing popular Cold War 1947-1991 server out of business (for now).

It’s recommended to join the discord and read the FAQ.


Sounds like an interesting server.

Isn’t this like shooting fish in a barrel? I mean poor old MiG-15/19 don’t have a chance to know they are engaged by a long range FOX1.

At the moment, there are no F-14s or MiG-29s. The devs are deciding on how to implement it (if they do). I’d prefer they not and just keep it old school Cold War versus late Cold War.

every online dynamic server with moving frontline is welcomed

I only wish the week has two Fridays so I can spend the first Friday on Finish Virtual Pilots dynamic server flying BOX as usually and the second one then I can dadicate to this cold war :slight_smile:


did a test flight on this server. spent ‘whole afternoon’ to fly to the frontline in L39ZA and was killed by A2A missile from some punk in AJS37

just wanted to check if the frontline ground targets are defended with AAA only and one can expect some mud moving fun in L39 or there are defenders with boring heatseekers (like on BlueFlag Cold War servers). in the end died to heatseeker even though it wasnt from the ground and even before I reached the target area.

somehow I just cant have fun on these Cold War servers, too many heat seeking missiles everywhere which are reliable like AIM9X.
would like to see some early Cold War server where the missiles were just useless most of the time (everyone wants Vietnam war recreated in DCS… cant see it). back to WWII or Korea :wink:

btw it looks nice and handy with the coloured frontline sectors depicted ingame on the F10 map.

plus one random pic of L39 so its not that boring post :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s definitely not a casual server. No external views. F10 map only shows your position. Pretty much Blue Flag level of realism.
I’ve spent most of my time so far moving mud in the A-10A. Fast movers have saved my rear end more than I can count.

CSAR missions coming soon and will have an effect on the front line. From Enigma:

One part of the upcoming helicopter patch will be CSAR. But we will not be doing individual player lives… Instead, planes that are not RTB’ed will impact their own side health/frontline health.

CSAR helos will be able to go and recover downed pilots to recover a portion of that health back.

So for example, Mig-21 shot down, -2 points. Mi-8 saves pilot. +1. Net loss for side -1.


The latest server patch/update is almost here! Airframe cost, CSAR, and infantry insertions


Ok I think that does it.
I’m going to try that server…

The F-14 and MiG-29 coming to Enigma’s Cold War server! :eyes: :grimacing:



Cold War Syria server coming soon

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