More Warthog Woes

…and here I thought my issues were solved with the new PCB in the throttle. Coming here for y’all who are better at hardware than I am, as I haven’t seen this anywhere on any of the forums, Reddit, etc.


  • Warthog stick sometimes fails to be noticed by Windows Device Manager, and won’t take any inputs or display any inputs in DM.
  • No inputs are shown in the TARGET event analyzer.
  • Stick needs to be unplugged and plugged back in to be read by Windows, and any scripts running in TARGET need to be exited and restarted.
  • Sometimes a system restart will alleviate this, other times it won’t.
  • When a TARGET script is started and running, it will enable as if the stick and throttle have both been detected and connected.

Attempted Fixes:

  • Problem has occurred in both unpowered and powered USB hubs, as well as in case-mounted USB ports both on the front of the case (via the USB header), and on the back of the case (via native ports on the motherboard).
  • USB or USB 3.0 both seem to have the same issue.
  • Deleting and reinstalling the device seems to have no effect.
  • Latest Thrustmaster firmware has been installed and is running.
  • Latest drivers have been installed and are running.
  • Power-save mode on USB ports has been hard-disabled in Windows Device Manager (I think - they seem to sometimes undo that on their own).

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, y’all!

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Test it on another PC?

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So USB has a certain overhead, that includes a lot of back and forth between the device and the PC, they talk about a load of stuff that is usually hidden for you.

There are ways to read that out, wouldn’t know the terminal/cmd window commands from the top of my head but might be worth seeing what’s going on. Could be that windows is disconnecting the controller, or that the data is garbage and thus won’t be properly identified.

Also, have you confirmed that the cables are functional and not damaged?

Why did you switch out the PCB? Do you still have the old one?

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Sounds to me like a damaged cable and/or plug. I hear VirPil makes a great stick :wink:


Are your current issues the same as your issues before the PCB?

I’ll double check on that, but it appears to be undamaged - need to see if I have an extra I could splice in.

Throttle bricked completely, but it had been on the brink for a while before that. I do have the old board, but I don’t know what good it would do (aside from perhaps the cable).

So I’ve heard- and have taken a good long look at - that’s a stretch goal now for hardware down the road, I think. The base works with the WH stick, right? Because I’d also like to the get the Hornet grip down the road.

I was having disconnecting issues then, but at that point, the scripts were crashing or freezing - I don’t seem to be having those issues right now.

@Troll, I have several other pieces in PC’s, but it’d take a while to get one cobbled together to test out, I think, and I’m still unpacking everything from the move, so space is at a premium. Do you have a suggested test I could maybe try on my laptop?

Yes it does, it’s what I’m lusting after: Warthog metal stick on a T-50CM2 base and the curved extension.

But I also want a reverb. And a new PC to drive that, as my current machine is not powerful enough to drive one.

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I wonder if something damaged the board that is possibly still causing havoc inside. Got any good high-res top down pictures of the board that are well lit? Something that could possibly show blown caps, burned resistors or other component damage?

Give it a good bend and wiggle once the joystick has been connected. That ought to show you how it works.

Just plug it in and see if it disconnects on that PC as well.
I’m thinking some kind of USB incompatibility or messed upp driver registry’s are at fault…

Straining my brain to recall…I think I had a similar issue when using it with TARGET. I haven’t used it since…I think it was Jane’s FA-18…so quite a while. Of course by not using it, I don’t get a couple of 3-way switches that would really be helpful in DCS.

I think it’s been an issue both with and without TARGET - I seem to remember this issue also popping up in Elite Dangerous (which I use without), but I’ll check that and verify - that may have been a thing due to my throttle failing.

After many happy years using TARGET, I finally got tired of every now and then have it go cuckoo causing me to unplug everything, then reboot anyway. It’s a pain rebuilding configs but been worth it.

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I would not bother testing it on USB3 ports. Sorry to hear your problems are continuing.

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The Win10 USB “EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled” setting is raising hell. Read my post from Beach’s thread. Links in there to solve it.


Thanks, Doug! I’ll take a look into this.

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