MSFS 2024

Have not seen this one coming:

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Finally some mission focus!
Ok if I break this out in a thread of its own?


I also noticed proper seasons I think!
And a tornado!

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Will this be the version where they fix engine noise pitch being tied to manifold pressure? I won’t hold my breath…

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That trailer looked awesome. I hope their is a career like mode with missions. I would ditch X plane in a heartbeat if that were the case.

Exactly - it’s why I will never buy from Eagle Dynamics again because of how the Gazelle feels like a RC. :person_shrugging: :clown_face:

Missions look cool, surprised it’s a whole new version but I guess money?

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Finally, some serious flight sim stuff coming… lol


Not sure what warants a clown face in that response, but to each their own…

More to indicate I was joking rather than you being a clown. Not everyone has to like the same stuff and that’s all good. Sorry if I caused offence.


Just a mind blowing trailer.

Had a good run on MSFS 2020 considering the quality of the free upgrades so happy to upgrade if need be.

Here’s hoping that there will be backward compatibility with my aircraft collection. Looking at that video I see several aircraft that I have already purchased, so maybe this is just an updated branding plus some significant enhancements (like the 40th Anniversary edition).


Every four years…? That’s ok with me. It used to be every other year, didn’t it?

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Yeah i think a few were yearly as well. The FSX gap spoiled us. Lol

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Reserving judgement until more detail is announced. Or leaked.


Wise man!
We just don’t know what they have cookin’, yet.


I expect nothing less than 100% compatibility with MSFS2020 aircraft and scenery.

Ya, I like the mission stuff but was thinking, come on I’ve paid over 500 bucks in addons for this one, and it takes almost half of my harddrive in space. lol… will of course watch and see.

I hope it will be some kind of dlc as they did with races etc.
I hate to have multiple flight sims installing blowing hard all my disks free space only because multiple addons still only on older flightsims and will never migrated…
About missions not strongly excited because +/- we already have that with H145 missions pack and Neofly.
About back compatibility i not hold my breath and my experience in flight sims since 1989 makes me start to became worried when they start to talk about new flight sim version…Whatever they promissed always exist some rename of core variables that they only do is break compatability without adding any new feature or improvements.
OFC addons devs maybe are getting a some kind of brain orgasm because if it goes to other fresh new version they can milk a bit more…

This is the greatest news. My 2022 was the year of XBOX and MSFS. What a beautiful, mindblowing work of brilliance that sim is. And the XB1X does it justice. What it lacks is game. That’s pretty much what every sim we talk about here lacks, game. BMS is really the only toy in the park that isn’t stuck in a sandbox.

Now we have a game to go with all that beauty. And this time helicopters aren’t a curious plaything adopted late in the dev cycle. They take front and center! It’s great. If I have to buy the next-gen console to run it, I will happily do that too.


This should help put people’s minds at ease to some extent…

With this in mind I won’t worry too much about buying 3rd party offerings.