MSFS 2024

I tend to agree. all I am interested in actually in the v24 is the ‘Enhanced Tree Diversity’ and ‘Full Seasons’.

maybe the 3D rocks, but they should be everywhere to justify the upgrade :slight_smile:

Maybe we’ll have trees that aren’t 10x too tall. :rofl:

Makes it hard to land on some of the grass strips I’ve flown into IRL, lol.

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Is it November 19 yet?

The missions might be good fun :+1:

I can’t wait to crop dust.

Suspicious Monkey GIF by MOODMAN


Looking forward to do some SAR!

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Finally a proper official Career Mode! I was waiting for this for years.

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Same here. I’ve been using external software but it just isn’t the same.

As a farming simulator player I am excited for crop dusting, but SAR and heli cargo stuff as well as firefighting also sound great.

And of course the graphics in that trailer look awesome.


I love career mode on flight sims, it gives purposes and objectives, and finally ms/asobo had the balls to do it. ofc its as option and you can always fly in other way. Its sad that for many years when someone ask that feature in a flightsim was always steamrolled and crushed by hords of gatekeepers that a flightsim should only have sandbox mode. The problem is that manytimes communities not understand the word “AND” and only think that OR you have sandbox mode OR you have career mode, never understand that in the flightsim you can have both and you choose what you want.

Fun that in the times where we more and more try to fight to get as more variety of multiple things, like sexual orientation, unique identity, etc etc, exist areas where sometimes we do inversed way, like personal cars colors (where 99,99% of the cars are only white, black, gray and red, when 80% match only between white and black) and in flight sim when many times devs only try to do another C172 or another A320…

Nice to see MSFS2024, sad that its not an dlc for the existing one, as i not started in flightsims since yesterday, i’m starting to guess that whatever promisses they will do i start to see like 60% of the current addons not compatible only because they decided to change a bit the name of the internal variables, and like 30% of the addons, the devs already died or never go to update them because only focus on new addons.

msfs2020 + neofly is like +/- msfs2024 when you not have issues with addons not compatible with the new version.

That is big IMHO (and not just for video games :slight_smile: ). Years ago, before DCS + VR got me to dust off my PC, again, Air Hauler on MSFT FS was where 99% of my time was spent [on that platform].