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Designed to fly just feet above the water’s surface, the Lake Skipper harnesses the power of high-performance ground effect flying while delivering a heart-pumping flight experience like no other. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, the Lake Skipper is the perfect fusion of speed, power, and agility, allowing you to rip through the air and water with ease.






@everyone - we have added an experimental build option in the FBW installer for the FSLTL Injector. At this time this build is specifically for the SU12 beta of MSFS and should ONLY be installed by those running the beta. As with anything experimental it may have issues and we do not offer technical support for it.

If you have a need for support, return to the stable version and replicate the issue before contacting support.

The primary changes to support the MSFS SU12 Beta are:

  • Remove the taxi sound workaround from the injector as this has been resolved by Asobo, this means our true native MSFS sounds are back to full function and we will have more updates to these sounds in future Base packs.

  • Add extra waypoints to ensure aircraft fly at the correct cruise altitude. This is only required and implemented if you are NOT using the flight plan database API key. With the API key this already works correctly.

We will continue to update this build as required until SU12 comes out of beta, at which point it will become our stable version. We plan to keep an experimental build available for the injector an an ongoing basis, so we can give those that like to live on the bleeding edge access to try new features earlier

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With little or no fanfare, the Pilot’s Boeing 314 Clipper was released today. It’s definitely ‘early access’ as they are planning to add more system functionality over time. It comes with several variants including the prototypes (one and two vertical stabs) and the longer range 314A. 3D modeling is ok, but not up to the standard we have become used to. Flight model wise, she seems as you would expect, a lumbering giant with benign handling . The only problem with this airplane is that it is begging to be flown from San Francisco to Honolulu using Celestial Navigation and dead-reckoning … but that used to take them as long as 18 hours. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Is there a good working celestial navigation “gauge” (not sure what to call it in MSFS)? That has always been on my to “learn how to do well” list of things. I made a few flights years ago in FSX using the old sextant gauge, but I’d be starting at zero again in MSFS I think.

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The best option for MSFS is CelNav:

I did some celestial navigation a few years back with XP11 but it’s been awhile, so there would be a lot of relearning for me as well. It’s time consuming, but very satisfying when you get it right.


Look at all those radial engines…

In Love Bunny GIF by Space Jam


I didn’t do it very well but CelNav seemed like it does what it says on the tin.

A little disappointed that this wasn’t a AAA release as I’ve been wanting to fly one for years, but I’ll definitely try it when I get some time on my hands again!

Thanks for the heads up!


Browsing on SimMarket this morning, this came as a surprise…
Virtavia’s first product for MSFS, the Short Stirling. Unfortunately I’m about to head out on a trip, so I won’t be able to add her to the hangar until I get back next week.

I’m sure it won’t be study level, but I did enjoy flying the Virtavia B47 for XP11. They have some interesting airplanes in their portfolio too, so hopefully some more of them will make their way over to MSFS.


You bad man :slightly_smiling_face:, I might have to get this whilst we wait Aeroplane Heavens Lanc.


I will definitely be getting this one, it’s just unfortunate timing…once again, work is getting in the way of my sim addiction…I mean hobby. :rofl:


I’ve always been a fan of Virtavia’s work. Since the Alphasim days.
It’s not the most high-tech, but it worked and looked nice. And they did aircraft that were often overlooked.


First impressions review of MSFS B314:
I love this aircraft and know it very well from the same dev for P3Dv5 and now tested the version for MSFS.

The MSFS version is a very very nice aircraft indeed and for the price is very good and well done BUUUUUUT if you really love this kind of aircraft, IMHO the P3Dv5 version is much better and more indeep simulation.

On the MSFS version the physics on water are less plausible, you almost not have friction and water physics resistance as you have in P3D version and the takeoff is more easy on MSFS. In MSFS it feels as if you are in a runway takeoff. The sounds, OMG, the sounds (what is one of the most sexy in this kind of aircraft) is more weak and dull on MSFS. The engines starting is simplified on MSFS. Many switches are not entirelly simulated as in P3D. So, its very ok, but the B314 for P3D, alone, worth the P3D and specially when 99,9999% of the flights on this aircraft are over water (when you not need what MSFS is really good with his land default scenery).
Also sometimes, more i use MSFS more i start to become full of the sometimes not realistic over powered sun global ilumination.
Anyway I like it on MSFS but the P3D version is a super loved one.

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Glad to see them getting into MSFS! Very surprising it took this long for them to get onboard, given their level of detail/price points seem perfect for the Xbox user base.

B1B, C17, ‘Vark, Tigercat, Chinook…all would be hot sellers, especially with some updated textures.

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Aaaaaaand the An-2 is released as well :+1:

Just by the looks of it, I would bet this is s complete re-make and not a port-over from the FSX / P3D version. In VR it looks fantastic :vr:


That thing would look awesome in the gunsight of an F100 :rofl:


So, there are now two new airplanes on my shopping list when I get home next week. :sunglasses: