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In a sim maybe…:thinking::grimacing:

LOL, I’d try it in real life…

once. :face_with_peeking_eye:

What an odd way to mount the rotor. Seems like the stresses on the structure would be quite high.


Updates are available:

These are just my own, of course - might be more for other add-ons.

So I’ve been enjoying the A310 a lot, fun zippy little airliner! Though it has some serious bugs (like the AP going haywire after being on pause at random, or just fully shutting down when coming back from the main pause menu) which makes me a tad bit annoyed. Plus the simplistic systems that do no operate as they should(HYD and bleed is just… ugh), so I was wondering if there’s a good study-level alternative that isn’t a PMDG 737? The BEA-146 looks nice as does the ATR-42 but I am not sure on the quality of those.

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As far as I can tell poople seem to agree that the 146 is very good.

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I still hear good things about the FBW 320.

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That is always a good option! Though I prefer something more interesting then your standard A320CEO/NEO or 737NG.

I kinda miss my FJS 727 from XP10 :rofl:

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Hey, them’s fightin’ words! :wink:

But I hear ya. I wonder when the 737-200 is coming out. :thinking:

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Look, if you are in a 320 you might as well be in a 330 anyway! Which is just a 310 with upgrades :wink:


Unfortunately, my plan to do exactly that was scuppered when we got rid of our 330s.


For new or perspective C-160 pilotos, this is a pretty nice navex by cgaviator, serving up a practical review in his usual mission style process.


I’m not sure when this was released, but I picked up Aircraft Manager by Sonicviz yesterday.

It’s pretty neat. You can easily tag aircraft as Favorites and also use tags to categorize aircraft in any way you like, so for example, I have a thing for 1930’s aircraft, so I can create a 30’s tag for those aircraft.

As useful as that is, by far the most useful feature for me is that you can define controller profiles by individual aircraft, so that if you choose a Hughes 500 then the helicopter profile is automatically loaded etc etc.

I also picked up Location manager (as a bundle) which is pretty much allows you to bookmark favorite locations on the world map.


Nice! Can you group stuff together, like an aircraft its FM mod, and all the repaints for easy selection?

I’ll have to dig down a little more but I think it is based on the aircraft. You can create your own tags, so from that perspective you could tag an airplane that you know has a specific mod. It looks like liveries are not searchable though.

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Imenes — Today at 11:01 AM

A32NX Stable Version 0.10.0 Released

We’re excited to bring a slew of new features and various improvements in the A32NX Stable Version. Terrain on ND is now available through our SimBridge, we’ve got some improved visuals by way of interior and exterior lighting, as well as new UI elements in the flyPadOS. In the spirit of our dedication to realistic simulation, we have updated and further tuned plenty of onboard systems to even better match realistic operation and functionality.

This release is the culmination of months of work by our team and contributors, and we’re proud to release v0.10.0. Happy flying!

Please read before flying:

Note: Throttle calibration is now required.


Download using our installer:

Our installation guide:

SimBridge Guides:

Support Guide:

Known Issues and Workarounds:

Note: Not Available on MSFS Marketplace.

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The HCG Digital Arts Spartan 7W Executive should hit the shelves this weekend (hopefully).


the Norseman and FSW Cessna 414AW both have updates, too, on their respective websites.

I wanted to ask about the C414AW. I have this frustrating issue where whenever I start the aircraft on the pan and do the start myself, I can’t increase the throttle. The lever moves all the way forward and backwards and through the beta range - but the engine note doesn’t change and the aircraft stays put.

I tried to follow the checklists - though it isn’t easy in VR and it’s easy to miss lines. I also tried the autostart, which hasn’t worked.

Last night I read through the manual to see if i could spot something, but unfortunately i have to say that the manual is not a good one. It tells you where things are and explains very simple things at length (i.e. you get an “on-off” switch and they take a paragraph to tell you that it switches the labelled system on and off!) but I couldn’t find any detail about procedures or see anything that I thought may inhibit my start-up of the aircraft.
it isn’t exactly rocket science, which makes the situation even worse.

I also found that often it just doesn’t seem to want to behave how it should during the start-up. For example, where the checklist says to switch the starter back to the “Off” position - if I do, the engine cuts out. This happens regardless of how long I wait before doing it, and ensuring fuel valves are open and nothing looks not how it should be.

Any ideas welcome!

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Ah - just to show how much I am getting senile in my old age - it wasn’t the C414AW at all, but the SWS Kodiak 100 :smiling_face:

So my apologies to FlySimWare!

I’ll see if I can find anything with the search engine.

edit - SWS changed the start procedure to make it “very realistic”. Unfortunately, like I said, the only start procedure given is the one in the sim, and it’s a pain to use in VR - plus there is no way of actually knowing that the engine is ‘blown’ because it just keeps running indefinitely.

At least I know, now (via a fan’s YouTube video) - but not impressed about how this has been done and will sway future purchases. If you’re going to implement something that depends on precise following of procedures a) give us the procedures in the manual - else it’s not really a manual, just a brochure - and b) implement a way to show that it’s damaged. Otherwise there’s no point in doing it unless you’re just trying to frustrate people - it isn’t clever.

/soap box

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You guys seen this? Definite buy for me! Do note the issues mentioned in the vid - I’m counting on them being resolved at some stage.

PS - looking at the info for that video on YT, the uploader has a link to a complete directory of files of start-up checklists he has uploaded to Google Drive to share. Well worth a look.

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