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CowanSim has released the Bell 222B for MSFS…


That’s such a sleek helicopter.

How is the system depth?

I can hear that theme song in my head looking at those shots.



Yeah, me too.
Just a great theme.

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Wasn’t aware of this one


watching the reviews from here

put me on the defensive. Also the windows in front is very wrong (see the top line of the upper windows in front…).
I love that heli, but sadly that representation of it could be much better.


Yeah, as I was closing the website I spotted some differences in the panel, but thought it was probably just modernising. You don’t often see poor products on Just Flight these days and that was what I was basing the product on, without having tried it - which I doubt if I will do. I do know there are Hippies here, though :slight_smile:

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Judge for yourselves:

newer version:

and latest…

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For $44 and still using AirLand, I’d call this more of a mod than a payware product. The model looks rough and the blade animation even more so.
I’m not sold.

The HCG Spartan 7w Executive is out and available on simmarket.

I got it and tested a bit this morning. The model looks fine with some areas that would benefit from a bit more work, e.g. the airframe looks a bit too clean and smooth to me and the flight model is too slippery (the aircraft flies at 80 kts with the engine on idle and clean airframe).

Hoping that the dev will eventually address these points (mainly the FM ones), I think it is a good value at 23 euro. Especially with some rumors around that the iniBuilds Spartan might be “off the production line”. I will keep an eye on it as I’d probably buy as many Spartans as I could get :slight_smile:

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I read up on the latest from BRSim and their EMB-121 and besides the latest update the dev has a lot more planned for it. Just wish he’d get it sold somewhere else, like JF or Marketplace. I don’t buy from SimMarket any more.

LHC have released their excellent Bellanca Super Viking to the marketplace - so awesome! It’s a strange (cockpit layout) but very nice GA aircraft to spend plenty of hours in.

I had the FSX initial 2D VC and later P3D versions, which was 3D and looked fab in VR - going by those this will be a must for GA fans.

edit: seems there’s a few issues… :unamused:


I’ve bought it - yes, it has some issues but nothing major imho and I like it enough to make it not really matter. Someone mentioned the autopilot not working (though others disagreed) but I never use AP in GA aircraft anyway. Apparently it’s a bit more powerful than it should be and has outstanding STOL performance that the real aircraft didn’t! Suits me! :smiley:

Screenshots of the new LHC Bellanca Super Viking


That’s a beauty!

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I just did a couple of videos - one of the LHC Bellanca Super Viking I mentioned previously.

It’s looks really great in VR, however none of the panel control animations are working (switches, buttons, levers etc). They are functioning, but not moving.

Also just updated to the latest nVidia game driver and the VR performance in my Index (in FS) was dire - total slideshow. I left the sim running and switched to my Pico 4 via Virtual Desktop and it was as smooth as always and looked great. So a bit baffling, that.

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Seems there’s a new Piper on the block: