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Not an add on as such, I asked Jamespejam to create a Marine livery for the defaut DC-3. Instead he created liveries for all the aircraft flown by Marine Air Group 25 which flew from Guadalcanal to the Phillipines.

These things are beautifully done in that they are exactly the kind of mismatched, oversprayed crates, held together by chewing gum and baling wire, that you’d expect from a rag tag Marine unit during the darkest days of WWII.

So I wanted to give him a shout out here!


That first pic is frame worthy!


Yeah, number 05 and 10 I think are my favorites. They are the only two that have the Marine insignia on them, I suspect by a little sidestepping of the regs. :wink:

Here’s the site he took inspiration from:


What a great site Thank you.



A fictional aircraft which stands by its name! It’s an improbable mix of random objects found in a scrapyard… But at the heart of this assembly lies a stunning Cosworth/Aston Martin V12 engine which gives life to the monster by pumping a little more than 1000 HP in its veins.

It is a bush plane, capable of slow and low flights with take off and landings from very short runways… even carriers or helipads if you want! But it can also perform aerobatics and fly above 200 knots, climb like crazy and reach a ceiling altitude of 37 000 feet.

Made by Lord Frites and started in January 2022, this is the first ever product under the name “Flying Fries”. There will be more!

A few numbers:

  • 1160 Horsepower
  • Up to 2700 N.m of torque
  • Total empty weight: 830 kgs / 1830 lbs
  • Cruise speed: Anywhere between 50 and 220 KIAS
  • Speed Never Exceed: 250 knots

The plane has a ballast that helps a lot during ground operation and makes it also more stable, less twitchy, in flight. As soon as you throw the weight, you will discover the “M. Hyde” that was patiently waiting behind “Doctor Jekyll”: High responsiveness, almost vertical take off, strong risks of tearing your aircraft apart if you don’t pay attention to your G-Meter…

There are countless references, Easter eggs, all over the two liveries included with the aircraft.


This looks like it could be fun. People are already griping that it isn’t the right model 747, and that it is not up to standards because it is based on the default 747. I don’t see it that way though. It looks like a good $20’s worth of entertainment.



:airplane: Toolbar widget for MSFS2020 to display latest SimBrief flight plan :airplane:

You can easily download all the most important data without leaving the simulator. Useful if you only have one monitor or you’re in VR.

Username in settings is persisted. Plan is stored in the session, so it won’t be visible on next simulator start - most probably you’ll want to fetch new one anyway.

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finally V2

This update comes with many new features, refinements and bug fixes - but most importantly our H145 now takes advantage of the native helicopter flight model implemented by Asobo in Sim Update 11 while also maintaining our custom stability and autopilot features that are found in the real world H145.

  • Native Asobo CFD Flight Model (realistic with the AFCS both OFF and ON)
  • Native AFCS with realistic trim and parallel actuator simulation

didnt notice

CTRL-E: Shrike is an imprint of Blackbird Simulations.
Shrike’s mission is to offer affordable, quality, jump-in-and-fly aircraft that offer maximum enjoyment without breaking the bank.

price (RL used) $1M - $2M
price (new in sim) $19.99
Sportscar helo for Hot & High operations. A favorite of police forces and rescue teams.

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I’ve been toying with this one recently - really great fun!


Go get’s it, silly Hobbitses!

Microsoft Flight Simulator Releases Ford 4-AT Trimotor, Free for One Week - FSElite


Yep, I’ve been hoping for a Ford Trimotor for a long while.

I’m in!

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Been treating myself again :slight_smile:

I was actually looking for the Embraer 121, which I’m sure the dev said he had submitted to the marketplace weeks ago, but still no sign.

So in my frustration I ended up buying the Cessna 182RG - another fave company starter aircraft for me in FSX and Air Hauler, the Kitfox Speedster 7 for getting the doctor out to those emergencies even faster in Neofly, and finally the Searey Elite - thanks to Mr Rix, for the wet emergencies.

So lotsa test flying to come - and I haven’t even flown my last few purchases yet! A310, BAe146 and Hawk T.1

Thanks to my bank for their £100 payout to all customers :wink:


I know this was mentioned earlier, but just picked up the Boeing B-314 from Pilots on ORBX. She’s still a bit of a WIP, but the Devs have released something like 6 updates in six weeks.

Very pretty, feels reasonable to fly, and hopefully a work of continuing improvement!


This YT video on the upcoming A2A Comanche got my attention - especially the engine monitoring. The A2A Comanche: Built with Accu-Sim (coming soon to MSFS) - YouTube