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While I do have some sympathy for the rivet counters, because there’s nothing wrong with enthusiasm: when somebody really starts fist-waving and making the dreaded announcement “not a sim until…” over some oscure (at least to me) issue, Its hard not to internally shake my head and think “First world problems…”.


IniBuilds releasing Milwaukee (KMKE) for free 5/3/24

Aeroplane Heaven’s Hurricane Mk1 has been released. I’m hoping it is good as I have a soft spot for the Hurricane. I was planning on picking it up next week after my new PC gets here…but I might not have the patience for that. :rofl:

I think we all knew how my resolve would hold out… :wink:

I have to say, if this is the new standard from Aeroplane Heaven, then I’m feeling quite optimistic about the Lancaster. It’s a very nice addition to my hangar. It sounds really nice from the outside and if you open the canopy, but a little muted if the canopy is closed. There is also a small issue with the default VT head position, but that will no doubt be fixed quite quickly.


Hey, you made it through two hours… That’s not bad, considering! :wink:


Well, unless it has some sort of bloatware that pisses me off, this is an insta-buy!


I read that much of the Hurricane’s issues had been patched already. Tally Ho chaps!

But is it usable, now?


From the Working Title Discord — Today at 11:46 AM

Hello @everyone!

Sim Update 15 is now rolling out! It includes a whole host of fixes, but most importantly includes the new G3X, now available by default in the JMB VL-3, the Cubcrafters XCub, and the Cubcrafters NXCub. We are extremely excited to finally release this to everyone, and have to, as always, deeply thank all our wonderful WT QA folks for all their help in making this complex unit a reality, including some absolutely essential legwork from G3X pilot/owners. We could not have done it without you all. It was an absolutely massive undertaking, more even than we expected (and we expected it to be difficult), and so we’re extra proud to see it land, and can’t wait to see what third parties do with this neat unit.

SU15 also includes a few nice improvements to the SR22T, including functional trim indication and use of the new ground handling parameters. The WT21 has also undergone a significant (and somewhat invisible) rework to make it plugin-capable and ported to the Avionics Framework FMC system, enabling much more ease of customization and allowing third parties to modify the unit without forking the code. The Boeings also got a few important bug fixes, including a fix for the extremely elusive and hard to reproduce missing ND flight plan bug. Some fuel flow and gen fixes have been applied as well, along with a couple of autothrottle behaviors that were incorrect (and surprising) when executing go-arounds.

Also hugely importantly, the frame scheduling for Coherent based (HTML/TS/JS) instruments has been reworked to avoid scheduling all the instruments together on the same frame when it isn’t required, instead spreading the updates across frames to increase frame times and reduce stutter. And, we also improved the quality of traffic model matching, adding partial matching for plausible airline airplane types and regional airlines.

In other important fixes, in all our affected systems, GPS should no longer forget satellites during long flights as you travel across the globe and get different constellation visibility. We added G3X IFR navigator support to the GNS430W/GNS530W units, as well as added the ability to disable their in-built over-the-top autopilots, in case you just want to receive guidance from those units but want to use that guidance to drive your own custom created autopilot system. So many updates!

We will be updating the Avionics Framework NPM packages, documentation, and source shortly to SU15 final as well, most likely today or tomorrow, and we’ll post an update here when that’s posted.

You can find the full changelog here: Release Notes - Sim Update 15 [] Available Now - Microsoft Flight Simulator

Happy Flying!