MSFS Developer Mode

For those wanting to tune up performance, enable the Dev mode here:

You’ll get a few new tools in a menu bar here:

There’s a nice breakdown of CPU / GPU stats etc. Plus you can change aircraft / airport without going to main menu etc. It is pretty buggy, but some of it works.


That’s actually a really nice feature…

Can somebody post screenshots of the scenery/airport editor so we can see what’s modifiable. I’m interested in an “exclude” function so we can remove some huge trees that might get in the way of landing/take off paths.

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I’ll grab some shots.

There’s some global config you can also change for tree / vegetation sizes that helps a lot too. Asobo seemed really stubborn about the defaults (they have the location and species often enough, but assume it’s full growth too often) and in the release build it’s all easily hackable.

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Fans of “I Am Legend” apparently…


This is a good guide on the scenery editor:

For quickly removing some trees, you draw a polygon in the sim editor and then zero the vegetation slider, save/compile and then put it in your ‘Community’ folder as an exclusion.

Steps here -

Removing trees is actually fairly easy from my experience so far. Make a new project and just use the polygon object from the scenery editor.Once you make an area with it, just go to its properties and click vegetation and move the vegetation scale slider to 0. Then you should be able to compile it and add the package to your community folder.

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Is there a pub object that can be placed? Asking for a friend…

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They had to remove Ye Olde Pube due to a translation issue. :beer: