MSFS - Screenshots

Nice work!


had few flights in new helos. it was fun, as we did it in MP, what is great default feature of MSFS.

my first impressions are good. because its their first implementation :slight_smile: its not ground breaking but I guess that wasnt the case here anyway. definitely much better than good-old FSX.

as mentioned elsewhere Bell407 is from Nemeth Design and it seems that the model was ported from FSX? inside-out nice, but systems are really not study level.
Cabri is nice inside-out plus the systems seems to be better modeled as it was built fresh?

anyway its nice to see finally things like torque reaction, ground effect etc. even the freeware EC135 profits from the new modeling despite the controls uses still the old scheme oc. what was little off imo, was quite a big friction of the skids in interaction with the ground. it felt like helo is tied to the ground and suddenly released.

definitely they could have hold this helo update back a bit and polish it further but I think its good to have it out in the public so we can play with it. they will hopefully fine tune it in the coming patches.

looking forward to the first commercial helo after this new update.


Just flew over New York City… never been there, looks great but I don’t like crowds, so probably never will go. Still cool to see the Twin Tower lights. Are those real, they really light up 24/7? Also why is Lady Liberty so pissed off? lol

BTW anyone know how to turn off those air flows. I see that in game warning on how but can’t find the option. Thx.


OK, don’t get me wrong MSFS 2020 is beautiful but when are we getting graphics like this? (The house with the red car at end is mine.)



Just use these AR goggles!


try it at night :slight_smile:

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had some fun with friends on Wake island. I was similarly disappointed (again) by the detail down low. the good old default trees didnt impress.

I think the more feasible way to enjoy MSFS details could the to install particular World Update and visit the hand-crafted POIs. like this one from UK & Irish update


to be fair to MSFS and Asobo, it is impressive how many custom hand-crafted POIs are included in the basic packages of World Updates. it is definitely big first in civi flight sims. they are worth visiting. we visited the Out Skerries and they are really nice down low.

here fun at Courchevel (but shame they didnt hand-craft Meribel also which is near by)


I especially like how they blend in.

In other sims you often have that weird effect where you can often see basically a tile with your good scenery amidst your normal scenery, objects are sticking out like a sore thumb and it is very immersion breaking. That is rare in MSFS, things blend in quite nicely for the most part. Probably because the stock terrain is pretty awesome so the contrast isn’t that stark.


This is what I meant earlier, but don’t feel it was picked up on in the thread about DCS globe vs FS. Probably my way of wording it to be blamed, so allow me to use your more eloquent post here! :grinning:

For the amount of data it requires and the amount of work it must take I feel the way Asobo portrays our Earth is nothing short of amazing.

Especially if you look at where we come from in our virtual sim worlds.


I’m doing a little travel planning. If I extensively zoom around, looking at sights in MSFS, do I actually still really need to go? So realistic.


It sure is lovely, and a great way to enjoy the sim!

I’ve started calling it MSVS (vacation simulator)


I use Google satellite or street view for my virtual travels.



Sometimes, when I see gorgeous screenshots of this sim, I do wonder if I’m actually missing out by being addicted to VR.


Same. But one of these days, it will be indistinguishable.

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I am flying the Hump routes in a DC-3 and today’s flight from Barrackpore to Kurmitola (first eastbound leg of OBOE route) was a nice one. Unlike my earlier flights in this region when the weather was pretty much severe VMC, today the weather was IMC both in Barrackpore as well as Kurmitola.

So just using the compass, stopwatch and GI NDB, I managed to fly a rather good circuit and land in one piece :slight_smile:

I did not take a screenshot when actually flying the approach but when I landed I took one to demonstrate prevailing visibility.

If it is difficult to make out the field for you, so was it for me :slight_smile:


definitely they are doing great job. and I think there is no problem with your wording :slight_smile: its just the ‘view point’ which we all have little different. its the notorious glass half-full / half-empty problem I would say.

here is nice pic of the default coastal scenery transforming into hand-crafted one.
turning left I am surly amazed, turning right … I can switch to other sims and wont see that many differences


My relationship with the Caribou took a few spins.

When the aircraft was announced, it went completely beyond me since I never heard about that machine. It looked ugly, no interest. No mission for it in mind. Had already enough in my hangar. Blah blah…

Then I saw first screens… and hey, it still looked ugly but the cockpit just was wunderbar! In the sims, I always had issues with how the cockpits felt like. In real life, pretty much all cockpits looked untidy and very busy to me irrespective of the aircraft in question. However, their equivalents in the sims just looked… dunno… kinda clean and uncluttered. Maybe you know what I am talking about? Not so the Caribou. The cockpit just looked different to everything else I remember and was outright inviting to being checked out in VR.

But then still there were all the other buts mentioned above.

Well, in the end I could not resist and the price tag promised not to break the bank either so… I gave in and bought it.

And I am happy I did.

I read already some stuff about the aircraft (Vietnam & Laos) and I do not think it looks ugly any longer. I even did something I did not do in the sim for a veeeery long time - I got in and flew a number of t&g circuits.

As a non-native speaker, often I do not have a precise understanding of what a particular English word means. Though now looking at the Caribou, I believe I am a bit closer to grasping the meaning of “badass” :slight_smile:


Me again :slight_smile:

Lately I am trying to put a particular aircraft into its natural environment, e.g. flying the routes it once flew or it still does.

So when the An-2 came out it did not take me long to research some of the routes it flew back in the 70’ / 80’ over the CCCP.

Here are some screens from my recent flights over Kamchatka and some other places. Needles to say it was all about remoteness, loneliness… and vodka :slight_smile:

Drink GIF

Btw. this thing run over my sister’s foot (fortunately over soft soil) when the para gang was pulling it around the airfield. She was out of jumping for several weeks :grimacing:


During my line training as a new first officer, we took off from Krakow. During the takeoff roll I saw a bunch on AN-2’s lined up at an intersection.
I got distracted and forgot the V1-rotate call…
The instructor captain wrote “No sightseeing during takeoff” in my training log :grin: